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Aidan Hutchinson not content, ready for Washington: ‘We haven’t done a damn thing’

Michigan’s attention immediately swifted to Washington following their win over Western Michigan on Saturday.

Don’t get too high, don’t get too low.

That seems to be Michigan’s mindset after a convincing 47-14 win over Western Michigan on Saturday.

Michigan played a fairly sound game on both sides of the ball. The team was flying around on offense and defense. However, they realize there’s a lot of work ahead of them. The team isn’t exchanging a ton of pats on the back.

“We have a lot to work on, but I thought it was a good first game for us,” Michigan defensive end Aidan Hutchinson said after the game.

Cornerback Vincent Gray agreed with Hutchinson’s assessment. “It’s a big thing. We haven’t done anything yet,” Gray said. “We made a lot of mistakes that probably will go unnoticed, but there’s a lot of things that we can clean up and get better at to keep stacking off of this.”

The road ahead for Michigan is a tough one, with one of the toughest schedules in all of college football, and they’ll be facing a Washington team that will be eager to silence critics after being upset by Montana.

Hutchinson and Michigan have their eyes on Washington and what’s to come.

“We haven’t done a damn thing. We’re all moved on, we’re ready for Washington. We’re ready for the upcoming games. We’re not content with this at all.”

Head coach Jim Harbaugh noted that the team executed at a high level and adjusted well but is focused on fixing the “little things” that need to be cleaned up. “I really thought they executed well,” Harbaugh said. “And we can get better. I told the team in the locker room after the game, ‘We’re not gonna fall in love with our stuff because we could get better.”

Michigan will look to improve next Saturday night in primetime against Washington on ABC.