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Against Penn State, Corum and Edwards showed lightning can strike twice

2021 was just the beginning for Michigan’s two-headed monster approach.

Penn State v Michigan Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images

With the Michigan Wolverines coming off one of the most noteworthy running back duos in program history, much was made entering the season about the 2022 rushing attack. Would it again be a two headed monster? Would Blake Corum take on a premier back role?

As seen Saturday against Penn State, the answer is it can be a little bit of both.

While the Nittany Lions entered the game as a top five rushing defense, they’re unlikely to stay there for long, as Corum and Donovan Edwards combined for 339 rushing yards and four touchdowns.

Following the game, Corum staked a claim for he and Edwards to be considered a true threat in the Big Ten.

“Like I said before the season, people kept asking me ‘who’s gonna be the thunder, who’s gonna be the thunder?’ Lightning and lightning, double the lightning strike,” Corum said to FOX reporter Jenny Taft. “It was beautiful having another running back out there doing his thing.”

“Coming out today, it was (Edwards)’s coming out party,” Corum later added during a postgame appearance with the Big Noon Kickoff crew. “Now we have that 1-2 punch everyone was asking about from last year, and like I said it’s lightning and lightning.”

Edwards echoed the sentiments in his own on-field comments.

“We’re a dynamic duo, we feed off each other. We both are dynamic players, we both can do multiple things, and we’re the best at what we do.” Edwards said.

The highlights of Saturday’s performance undoubtedly were the tandem 60-plus yard touchdown runs from Edwards and Corum, coming almost back-to-back from each other. While Corum wasn’t asked about his, Edwards took a deep dive into his statement-making rush in a media availability following the game.

“The gap was so wide open, just gotta hit it,” Edwards said. “Then you know one on one with the safety it was like what’re you gonna do? At that point you’re gonna win or you’re gonna get tackled, and I just made something spectacular, and took it however long the touchdown was.”

In a Jim Harbaugh offense, running the ball is the bread and butter. With Corum and Edwards taking the snaps though, that bread and butter looks like it’s turning into a five course feast.