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Jake Moody recounts making big hit vs. Penn State: ‘I can lay the wood’

Moody’s tackle set a tone.

Penn State v Michigan Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

Jake Moody had a great game all around in Michigan’s 41-17 win over Penn State. Moody made all four of his field goal attempts and even contributed in a way he never has for the Wolverines.

During a Penn State kickoff return, Moody sprinted down the field and made a key tackle to stop the return by running back Nick Singleton. Not only did Moody make the stop, the tackle also had some power to it. At the conclusion of the play, Moody was pumped up and flexed.

“That’s my first hit at Michigan. I’ve been looking for one my whole career. I had a couple missed ones back when I was a freshman, I was about 175 pounds back then, but now I’m close to 215,” Moody said on the In the Trenches postgame show. “I can lay the wood. I ran in there and I popped him pretty good.”

Moody gave a shoutout to strength and conditioning coach Ben Herbert, Moody said he’s gained 40 pounds since he’s been at Michigan.

“I don’t feel scared running down anymore with all those big guys, because I’m one of those big guys — so watch out if you’re a returner.”

Moody said that after he made the hit he had a lot of adrenaline rushing through him. He took a deep breath and got back in the moment, knowing his team needed him to focus his attention back on any potential kicks that may need to be made.

Head coach Jim Harbaugh made note of Moody’s tackle after the game.

“Defense, about 11 guys out there at a time setting the tone for 60 minutes,” Harbaugh said. “It was very impressive. Even Jake Moody, setting the tone with that big tackle on the kickoff.”

Moody isn’t known for making big tackles, what he is known for is being the best kicker in college football. Moody won the 2021 Lou Groza Award, awarded to the nation's best kicker. Moody has made 13-of-16 field goal attempts this season.