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How this Charles Woodson tip helped Gemon Green in pass coverage

When Woodson offers advice, players listen.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 08 Michigan at Indiana Photo by Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Michigan cornerback Gemon Green is a player that’s now a veteran and has elevated his game to a level where opposing quarterbacks don’t want to throw his way.

The 6-foot-2, 186-pound Green is having a standout season, and on Tuesday he explained how his technique has improved.

Green, who’s appeared in 36 games for the Wolverines, is utilizing his physicality and long arms in coverage to stay neck and neck with receivers.

“Using my length, that gets me a long way staying with my man down the field,” Green said.

Green’s been around a Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee and Heisman Trophy winner lately in the form of Michigan great Charles Woodson. Woodson has covered Michigan games this year for Fox Sports, and he’s also observed Green at a Michigan practice.

“One thing that Charles Woodson was telling me a lot, he was saying ‘on them fade balls, just get your head back, get your head back, you’re gonna be fine’. Because that’s one thing, I was trying to keep the receiver from catching the ball — but he made me more comfortable getting my head back a lot.”

Green’s first time meeting Woodson was during Michigan’s 34-27 win over Maryland. Woodson came over to Green behind Michigan’s bench after Green made a play on third down and told him to keep getting his head back. “You got it!” Woodson told Green.

Green and Michigan’s defense look to keep improving, and they want to push beyond their accomplishments in 2021.

“We’re trying to be a lot better than last year basically. Especially if we keep getting better, we’re at the point where we wanna be at right now, but we want to get better every week. And eventually, we’re gonna be at the peak.”

Michigan’s defense currently ranks 9th in passing yards allowed and 4th in team passing efficiency defense, and Green is a big reason why.