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Michigan RB coach Mike Hart carted off field with health concern

This is just awful, and we have Mike Hart in our thoughts.

Michigan running backs coach Mike Hart endured some sort of health concern during Michigan’s game against Indiana in Bloomington.

Hart was ultimately strapped into a stretcher and carted off the field. We do not want to speculate about the nature of what happened, we’ll leave that for medical professionals when an update is provided. Further, we don’t want to even share a clip of Hart being carted off the field.

What we will share is how Michigan players and coaches reacted to what was happening — quite frankly it was a very sad scene that has me choked up as well. I can only imagine what the team and Mike Hart’s family are going through.

We send Mike Hart and his family all the positive energy in the world and hope this scare isn’t anything serious.

UPDATE (1:04 PM) Hart has been taken to the hospital for evaluation.