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Michigan football redshirt tracker: Week 6 at Indiana

Plenty of true freshmen continue to see action for Wolverines while many maintain their redshirt status.

Michigan Wolverines linebacker Derrick Moore (8) celebrates... Photo by Jeremy Hogan/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

The Michigan Wolverines picked up a 31-10 win over Indiana after outscoring the Hoosiers 21-0 in the second half. They are now 6-0 on the season heading back home to host Penn State for the Maize Out.

Maize n Brew has been tracking the redshirt statuses of the true freshmen on the team since Week 1. Let’s see where things stand for those players at the midway point of their first year in Ann Arbor.

Players who have already burned their redshirts

  • TE Colston Loveland
  • LB Jimmy Rolder
  • DL Mason Graham
  • CB Will Johnson
  • Edge Micah Pollard
  • WR Darrius Clemons
  • Edge Derrick Moore
  • DL Kenneth Grant

The above players burned their redshirts last week at Iowa, but many of these players showed why they are getting significant playing time as true freshmen with their performances in Bloomington.

On defense, Rolder, Johnson, Moore and Graham all saw significant snaps, with Moore recording a sack late in the game while Graham made two tackles and showed his high IQ, including in the clip below.

All four true freshmen defenders continue to show why defensive coordinator Jesse Minter and head coach Jim Harbaugh have confidence in them to help the defense each week.

There hasn’t been as much production from the true freshmen on offense, but Colston Loveland is starting to see more snaps as a rotational tight end. Clemons didn’t get into the Indiana game at receiver, but did contribute on special teams in the victory.

Freshmen who haven’t played in more than four games

  • RB CJ Stokes (4 games)
  • DB Keon Sabb (4 games)
  • WR Amorion Walker (4 games)
  • QB Alex Orji (3 games)
  • WR Tyler Morris (3 games)
  • DB Kody Jones (3 games)
  • OL Connor Jones (2 games)
  • LB Deuce Spurlock (2 games)
  • DB Myles Pollard (2 games)
  • TE Martin Klein (2 games)
  • QB Jayden Denegal (1 game)
  • QB Brandon Mann (1 game)
  • WR Logan Forbes (1 game)
  • OL Andrew Gentry (1 game)
  • OL Dan Tarobi (1 game)
  • OL James Kavouklis (1 game)
  • DB Zeke Berry (1 game)

Orji getting in the game for one play was an interesting decision by the Michigan coaching staff. He is now up to three games played this season, so he could play in one more game and still maintain his redshirt. His one carry went for three yards against the Hoosiers.

Stokes — who is at four games played — seems the most likely on this list to play in another game, therefore burning his redshirt. He did not see game action against Indiana, but he may be needed later in the season.

Sabb also got in this one on special teams. He is up to four games now and will burn his redshirt if he plays in one more game this year.

The true freshmen not on either list above have not seen the field this season.