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Week 12 bowl projections: Michigan beginning to lose projections to make CFP

Despite a win last weekend, Michigan is left out of all five CFP projections.

Illinois v Michigan Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

It was a little too close for comfort, but the Michigan Wolverines improved to 11-0 and got some help with its College Football Playoff hopes thanks to Tennessee losing. Despite all that, the Wolverines aren’t showing up in any of the five CFP projections this week.

Obviously, there are countless bowl projections done each week, so this doesn’t mean Michigan isn’t showing up in any CFP projections out there. But out of the main news outlets, there are none this week.

Without further ado, Michigan’s Week 12 bowl projections:

ESPN: Rose Bowl vs. Washington/Oregon

Both ESPN writers have taken Michigan out of their CFP projections. They both like a one-loss Pac-12 champ to get in over the Wolverines, assuming Ohio State wins this Saturday.

CBS Sports: Rose Bowl vs. Oregon

CBS Sports has the same projection as ESPN, thinking TCU and USC will win out and join Georgia and a 13-0 Ohio State team in the playoff while Michigan goes to the grand daddy of em’ all.

247Sports: Rose Bowl vs. Oregon

Same old, same old here. 247Sports has the same prediction for Michigan and the same prediction for the CFP as ESPN and CBS.

Athlon Sports: Rose Bowl vs. Oregon

Nothing new here, either. No one is expecting Michigan to beat Ohio State and get into the playoff, unfortunately.

College Football News: Rose Bowl vs. Oregon

College Football News also likes Ohio State to beat Michigan and send the Wolverines to Pasadena. They also have Georgia, Ohio State and TCU in the playoff, but predict Clemson will win out and get in as a one-loss ACC champ.

Looking at this week’s projections was a little surprising to be honest. Yes, Michigan had a battle with Illinois, but it’s not like Illinois is a bad football team. Also, we saw many top teams have battles with lesser opponents last weekend. Maryland had the ball down six points with a chance to beat Ohio State.

With how Week 12 went, I expected Michigan to be in some of these CFP projections, and I expected at least one to have both the Wolverines and Buckeyes after Tennessee’s loss.

As is stands right now, I see seven teams that can make the playoff: Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan, TCU, USC, Clemson and LSU.

I personally like the chances of TCU, USC and LSU playing themselves out of contention and seeing both Michigan and Ohio State get in, but at this point, just beat Ohio State.

We’ve got a great week ahead of us, folks.