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Week 10 bowl projections: Michigan projected by ESPN analyst to play in CFP Championship

A crazy week in college football shakes up the CFP race.

Michigan v Rutgers Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

When the College Football Playoff Committee released its firsts rankings last week with Michigan ranked No. 5 behind Clemson, it looked it was 13-0 or no playoff berth. While that could still certainly be the case, the Michigan Wolverines got some help this week that could lead to two Big Ten teams getting in.

Clemson and Alabama both lost, likely knocking both of those contenders out. Georgia beat Tennessee as well, but the Volunteers could still get in as a one loss team.

Nonetheless, the goal is the same for Michigan: win and you’re in. The Wolverines were in a dog fight with Rutgers in the first half, trailing the Scarlet Knights 17-14 at the break. But it was all Michigan in the second half, as it outscored Rutgers 38-0 and improved to 9-0.

With just three games left and the Wolverines on a collision course with Ohio State, let’s check out where the Week 10 bowl projections have Michigan going:

Athlon Sports: Rose Bowl vs. USC

Athlon still has Ohio State taking the win over Michigan in Columbus, and they think Tennessee gets into the playoff with one loss. Georgia is the obvious No. 1, and Athlon likes Oregon to win out and slide into the CFP as well. This would all set up a great matchup in the Rose Bowl between the Wolverines and USC Trojans.

CBS: Rose Bowl vs. USC

CBS Sports also likes Ohio State to take the matchup over Michigan and for Tennessee to get in the CFP as a one-loss team. They also have the obvious Georgia pick and then TCU to go undefeated and get in.

247Sports: Rose Bowl vs. USC

247Sports has the same logic as Athlon with this one with the same Rose Bowl pick and the same CFP picks as well.

College Football News: Rose Bowl vs. UCLA

Another Rose Bowl projection here, but UCLA is the projected matchup this time. College football News has the same CFP picks as Athlon and 247, thinking Oregon will win out.

ESPN: CFP Semifinal

ESPN has two projections, as two analysts project each bowl game. Both analysts — Kyle Bonagura and Mark Schlabach — have Michigan in the CFP, but one prediction has both Michigan and Ohio State making it into the CFP. Bonagura’s projection also has Michigan playing the CFP Championship against an all too familiar opponent — Georgia.

The moral of the story here: win out — that is the only way to guarantee a spot in the CFP. While the obvious goal is to go 13-0, there is still a chance Michigan could drop a game and make it in. Michigan fans should root against TCU, Oregon and Tennessee moving forward.