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The major impact Blake Corum had on Michigan’s offense in 2022

It was a special year for the Wolverines’ running back.

Michigan v Ohio State Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

The Michigan Wolverines were lucky enough to have one of the best players in college football this season in running back Blake Corum. He was the heart and soul of the offense until his season-ending knee injury during the Illinois game. It’s heartbreaking he won’t be able to take the field against TCU in the College Football Playoff, but Michigan fans will always cherish what he was able to do for the team this season.

One of Corum’s many assets is his field vision. Corum had the luxury of running behind one of, if not the best offensive lines in college football. It was frequently able to open up holes for Corum, and his ability to find the running lanes has made him a special back.

Corum complements his vision well with his “blazing speed,” as Gus Johnson likes to say. When Corum finds a lane, he hits it quickly and creates big plays for the offense.

His most special skill, however, is his ability to make something out of nothing. With an offensive line like Michigan’s, there are a lot of times where Corum has a big hole and the guys in front make life easy for him. It’s when there’s nothing there that really showcases how talented of a player he is.

Having a player like this is a luxury for an offense. Even if a play isn’t executed well, Corum can find a way to make it work.

Corum made a major impact on the offense because it allowed the Wolverines to play the physical type of football the team is built for.

Michigan never had to rely on the passing game this season and was able to beat teams by dominating the time of possession with long scoring drives that kept the clock churning. As the game carried on, Michigan would wear opponents down and dominate them. This style of play would not be possible without a talented running back like Corum.

The Wolverines will certainly miss having Corum on the field in the postseason, but Michigan has been able to keep the offense grooving in his absence. Hopefully the team can go out and bring home some hardware for Blake.