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J.J. McCarthy’s deep ball flourishes at Fiesta Bowl practice

J.J. can sling it.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Indiana Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Media had a quick glimpse of Michigan’s practice on Thursday afternoon, 15 minutes to be exact. Maize n Brew watched the offense for that portion.

There were two big takeaways from the limited amount of practice witnessed in Tempe, Arizona — Andrel Anthony looks healthy, and J.J. McCarthy’s deep ball was on point.

McCarthy let it rip to Anthony and the video below is all the proof needed to state that McCarthy’s arm strength is top-tier.

The ball got to Anthony so fast it looked like a Nerf football was in the air.

McCarthy hit deep patterns with accuracy on other occasions, including this one to Roman Wilson.

McCarthy and Wilson have connected vertically this year, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if that happens again on Saturday.

There were short and intermediate patterns matter too, and McCarthy was steady there as well.

It’s worth noting that these observations are nothing new, I watch Michigan’s pregame warmups and this is basically commonplace in terms of the patterns we are able to see and how accurate McCarthy is.

Gus Johnson joked during Michigan’s win over Ohio State that people “said the kid couldn’t throw the deep ball”. Well, McCarthy proved doubters wrong then, and the 19-year-old QB has a chance to prove anyone who doubts him wrong when the nation tunes into TCU-Michigan on December 31 in the College Football Playoff Fiesta Bowl.