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Everything Jim Harbaugh said one day before Fiesta Bowl

A look at what Harbaugh said on Friday morning.

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We’re just a day away from the Fiesta Bowl where Michigan is set to face TCU with a trip to the National Championship on the line.

On Friday morning Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh and TCU head coach Sonny Dykes spoke with the media at a joint press conference. Here are Harbaugh’s comments from the session.

Thoughts on Michigan’s offensive line, Olu Oluwatimi

“It has been a fabulous experience for us having Olu, captain in his graduate transfer year. Been an integral part of the team. I think he’s had a great experience. The offensive line is a team within a team. Great bunch of guys that have — I guess there’s probably some schools where the offensive line doesn’t get all the recognition or the publicity, that kind of thing. It’s different at Michigan. It just has been. Our offensive line, they have been leaders. They’ve been great workers. They’ve been great examples in every way, and they’re a huge part of our team success.”

The moment is here

“It’s all about the game tomorrow. Really, everything has been said that can possibly be said. Every question has been asked, every question answered and now it’s time to go play the game and let it rip. And our guys are excited to do it. Not everybody gets this opportunity. Hardly anybody gets this kind of opportunity and it’s the best of the best playing the best. You are who your record says you are. I think Bill Parcells said that. They’re great and we’re ready to line up. It’s time to line up and have at it.”

Harbaugh and Dykes both have fathers who were coaches

“Coach Dykes and I were talking about this the other night, just how blessed we are to grow up in coaching families where you are around the game from a very early age. You hang out at practice. You are going to the locker room. Players come over to the house for dinner. They’re the guys you look up to. And along the way, it becomes, boy, it’s not only possible, it’s inevitable that I’m going to do something in football. And my brother (John Harbaugh), it’s generational, it’s really generational. It’s just so blessed. We were talking about that. Spike Dykes, a great coach. Coach of the Year three times at Texas Tech. My dad told a great story after we were together the other night. He used to talk about going to the clinics. Back when they were assistant coaches, they would go to coaching clinics. Coaches would get up much like they do today and give their presentations. But then the real clinic was after the clinic. They’d go to the hotel bar. They would have a beer, and all of a sudden, the paper and the napkins came flying out. And they are drawing plays and they just couldn’t wait to talk football and share football, and tell them everything that you know. We don’t do that. That’s something that’s changed.”

Thoughts on TCU

“Really I think TCU, watching them, I think they’ve been a great first-half team, too. They play 60 minutes of football and they play it really well. We aspire to be the same type of team. You’re always trying to find the formula, the game every week to let’s play our best, let’s play our best for 60 minutes of football. I think they have done a tremendous job doing that. I think we have as well. Like Bill Parcells says: You are who your record says you are. That’s what we want to do in this game. You got to play good. You have to play good. And the longer you can play good, the better off you’re going to be. There’s going to be momentum shifts in the game. They’re going to make plays. Our goal will be to try to get the momentum back in our favor and keep it for as long as we can. And then when we lose it, we’re going to try to get it back again and see how long we can keep it. That’s just the game of football. It all comes down to you got to play good and that’s what we plan. That’s what we prepared. Now it’s time to go do it.”

Two-minute offense

“It’s something we’ve practiced, something we’ve planned. And we anticipate that situation will come up, and we feel like we are prepared for it. Like I said, if it’s successful, you have felt good about your preparation. If it’s not successful, then it won’t. That is our mindset. We expect it. We expect to be in that situation, and we have practiced it. And we feel we’ll be successful if that situation comes up.”

Faith, family, football

“Faith, family, football, those are the priorities. This has been a particular team that — I mean, just a lot of rock-solid guys in their faith. It’s a family. Guys, they’re happy for the other guy’s success. They support each other. They have each other’s backs. It’s a true team. It’s a true ball team. And it just makes it enjoyable every day. Every single day to be on a team where, yeah, each guy knows they don’t have to — they don’t have to carry the whole load. Everybody else is chipping in, doing their fair share. Just like in your faith, you know? God is with you. And you’re not doing it alone. Really, when you try to do it yourself or you think you know better than our Lord, that’s when things seem to go awry. It’s been a tremendous, tremendous team and family to be around regarding our faith. Iron sharpens iron, as the Bible says. And this team is a true example of that.”

Love for the Michigan team

“I love football. I love the game. I love the team atmosphere. I could describe that it’s been my whole life, since five years old. This team has been one of the all-time great ball teams to be on. And I include — had some great Little League teams that I was on, high school teams, college teams, pro teams. This is right up there with all the best. None better. It’s been that enjoyable.”