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Vikings CB Patrick Peterson says Jim Harbaugh has ‘best resume’ among coaching candidates

Peterson lays out the reasons why Harbaugh is the best choice for Minnesota

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Minnesota Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson is about to be a free agent, but there’s a chance he’ll get a new contract in Minnesota. Naturally, Peterson is knowledgeable when it comes to topics related to the Vikings, and on his All Things Covered Podcast he discussed the possibility of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh potentially being the new head coach of the Minnesota Vikings.

“I think he’ll be a great fit. The culture, the atmosphere he’ll buy right into. I think he’ll love the atmosphere here, the way he wants the game to be played resembles the state of Minnesota — tough, gritty,” Peterson said. “How people always say ‘i can’t live in the cold, i can’t do this’, it’s just different here. You have to be built different to live in Minnesota. I think that’s something that he can bring to the table as far as being different. Bringing that physical mindset to the stadium each and every time we step off the bus. The crowd, they love that. This organization, this community, the stadium, they feed off big plays and grimeyness football games.”

Peterson pointed to the remaining coaching candidates for the Vikings, which consist of Los Angeles Rams offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell, Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris, and New York Giants defensive coordinator Patrick Graham — Peterson sees Harbaugh’s resume as the one that stands out the most.

“With the names that’s left, I know some of the coaches that they want, they want someone who has credibility, they want someone that can lead a group of men, that can get everybody and the same page — to have that same common goal, and that’s to win a championship,” Peterson said. “His past history says that, and as far as him, he probably has the best resume out there for coaches.”

Peterson said he wouldn’t be surprised if Harbaugh is Minnesota’s head coach by Thursday. Harbaugh interviewed with Minnesota on Saturday via Zoom, and he’s up in Minnesota on Wednesday interviewing for a second time.