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Josh Gattis texts players farewell, claims ‘little appreciation’ from Michigan administration

Gattis expresses frustration amidst leaving to become offensive coordinator for the Miami Hurricanes.

NCAA Football: Michigan Spring Game Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan offensive coordinator Josh Gattis has left the program to become the next offensive coordinator for the Miami Hurricanes.

In a text message to players, Gattis points to the “little appreciation” he has from the administration as a reason he’s departing.

Gattis text message (per Detroit News’ Angelique Chengelis):

“Fellas, it’s with a broken heart i write this. I am resigning my position here at Michigan to go to another university. I have given everything i have to you guys and michigan. I sacrificed so much personally to stand in the fight with each of you which i would never take back. Unfortunately the past few weeks has told a different story to me about the very little appreciation i have here from administration. In life i would never advise anyone to be where they are not wanted and i owe that to my family and my integrity to hold myself to this standard! I Love each and every one of you to the bottom of my heart. Our memories will never be forgotten but our struggles is what makes us who we are today it’s what grew this love and will forever hold it together! i am the biggest fan of you, and biggest friend of you. Most importantly I am one phone call always if you need anything ever. Love you guys!”

With Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh interviewing with the Minnesota Vikings earlier this week (and since remaining at Michigan), the speculation was Gattis hoped to be the next head coach for the Wolverines. The likes of athletic director Warde Manuel likely had other contingency plans in order. Without trying to speculate too much, which can always be a slippery slope, it’s fair to say Gattis wasn’t happy of late and wanted to find a way out in recent days/weeks.

Gattis potentially leaving the program is something the staff has had to be prepared for since early December, when it was reported by Football Scoop that Gattis met with University of Virginia leadership to speak about their head coaching vacancy. Of course, the difference now is Gattis left for a lateral move. “It had to be something special to get me to leave something special, and this was it, man,” Gattis told The Athletic. “This place is it. I am so excited about coming to The U.”

While Gattis’ departure comes as a surprise from the outside looking in, Michigan already has internal options on its staff that can replace him, and they can look outside of the program for a bigger and proven name if they so choose.