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Colston Loveland’s path to Michigan, outlook for 2022

This four-star tight end should have a productive career at Michigan.

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Michigan received a commitment from the No. 1 recruit in the state of Idaho last December, tight end Colston Loveland. Loveland’s career may be just beginning at Michigan, but there’s a lot to like.

The story so far

Loveland was the Gatorade Idaho Player of the Year last year, and it’s easy to see why. Loveland played tight end, linebacker, and received a steady amount of carries out of the backfield. Loveland had 62 receptions, 968 yards and 14 touchdowns, rushed 352 yards with four rushing scores and had 66 tackles (18 for loss), 5.5 sacks, and two interceptions.

Head coach Jim Harbaugh and assistant coach Jay Harbaugh were impressed with Loveland when they met with him in Idaho.

“When he is in the middle of a workout, he is an imposing figure, a giant human being,” Loveland’s high school coach Cameron Andersen said. “Both Harbaugh’s right away were talking about his physical stature, he looks like a junior on his program right now. And his physical abilities are going to make him physically so he can compete right away. They were like kids in a candy store watching him work out.”

Throughout the recruiting process Loveland and Michigan hit it off and it was always the Wolverines for him. “Michigan just feels right. I can’t see myself at any other college,” Loveland said. “I’m excited to get up there and start working. I’m really excited to move in and be with the team. I want to get on that workout plan and start growing.”

Outlook moving forward

Loveland has players above him on the depth chart like Erick All, Luke Schoonmaker, Joel Honigford, and will compete with others such as Carter Seltzer, Matthew Hibner, Max Bredeson, and Louis Hansen.

The 6-foot-5, 230-pound Loveland already is a natural pass-catcher, he’s already strong, already a good route runner. Loveland will see the field in 2022 and likely jump some, if not a good amount of the players on the depth chart above. If Loveland continues to develop physically, he could be one of the best tight ends of the Jim Harbaugh era to this point. Loveland knows how to get open and his willingness to block and get dirty will help get him on the field as well.