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Jim Harbaugh says Ronnie Bell appears faster, stronger, better than pre-injury

Good news for Michigan’s offense.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Indiana Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Ronnie Bell tore his ACL in the first half of Michigan’s first game last season, and his road to recovery was a long one. Now nearly a year later Bell has not only turned the corner, but he may very well be better than he was before the devastating injury.

“Just to watch him literally grind through it, and watch him coach the younger players, and become a coach,” head coach Jim Harbaugh said. “And do his rehab, and then attack it when it really became time for the doctors to start turning him loose to strengthen and jog and then run and then cut.”

Bell is running, cutting, jumping, and is back to full strength, breaking personal records this offseason.

“Key performance indicators, speed, and agility, he is PRing to pre-injury performances. He’s PR’d in speed, miles per hour, plyostairs, and three-cone, it’s awesome,” Harbaugh said. “He appears right now faster, stronger, in a lot of ways better than before the injury.”

Bell posted a video to his Instagram last month, detailing he is indeed back and ready to roll.

Bell’s presence as a leader and as a legitimate deep threat, possession receiver, and top-tier route runner will serve Michigan well in 2022 as part of a deep and talented receiving corps.

Bell has 83 receptions thus far in his Michigan career for 1,380 yards and five touchdowns.