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For Roman Wilson, this isn’t the ‘old Michigan’

Wilson claims more competitiveness among the locker room.

NCAA Football: Orange Bowl-Georgia at Michigan Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout last season, it was clear the Michigan Wolverines football team had a different mentality than in years past.

On Tuesday, wide receiver Roman Wilson put it into words.

“Last year it was more we want to beat our rivals, but this year we want it all,” Wilson said. “We want to beat our rivals, go to the playoffs, Big Ten Championship, all of that. We don’t want to be what old Michigan was, we want to set a new standard.”

Having seen arguably the lowest and certainly the highest year of Michigan football under Jim Harbaugh in his two seasons, Wilson is one of a subset of starters that saw both the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ Michigan dynamic.

Even still, the junior was surprisingly upfront about the struggles the Wolverines have faced in the past few years, particularly against their toughest opponents.

“It’s no surprise that we haven’t done well the past few years, and we want to take our game up here,” Wilson said. “We want to be considered one of the best when we leave this program. As a freshman I always felt like we were working hard, but just the difference in the amount of energy, and how the guys really want to, it’s just different. You can’t even explain it.

“People talk s*** to each other, they get upset over plays, and nobody likes to lose. Everyones a sore loser. Its competitive.”

The ultra-competitive atmosphere surrounding Schembechler Hall entering the season is no surprise. A key talking point among players in their media appearances has been not being content with winning the Big Ten Championship last season.

With only a few days separating the Wolverines from game week preparation, it’s clear they’re rearing to get the season started.