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Brad Galli goes inside Michigan’s huge weight room with Jim Harbaugh

A behind the scenes look

Brad Galli

WXYZ’s Brad Galli has had a weekly segment with Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh the past few years that usually provides insights and entertainment, but this week may have been Galli’s best yet.

The interview began with Galli interviewing Harbaugh in front of a backdrop Michigan’s Jordan brand shoes. Galli asked what it’s like to walk the halls and seeing the Jordan logo, what it means when Harbaugh sees some of the things he’s thought of and what they mean to the program.

The interview changed in impromptu fashion with Harbaugh telling Galli to take a walk down a hallway that looks like a tunnel. The tunnel features the word “Michigan” lit up on brown brick. Further down the hall a heavy gate like one at Michigan Stadium opens, and the hallway has “Go Blue” and “The Team” signage.

“This hallway leads you really, like coming out onto the field at The Big House,” Harbaugh said.

The tunnel opens up into Michigan’s massive weight room, a complex with two levels and even a basketball court.

“You come into something extraordinary which is this weight room. This is the centerpiece of our player development.”

Michigan players were working out during the time of the interview. Players can be seen doing pullups, pushups, crunches, and other exercises. A big screen can be seen that is replaying Michigan’s 59-0 win over UConn.

“Pretty sure it’s the largest weight room in all of football square footage wise, and in equipment as well. You can see this is where a lot of work gets done,” Harbaugh said.

“A lot of opportunity. This is where guys can look around and go ‘where’s my opportunity, how can I get better coach?’ It starts right here.”

Galli pointed out that the Joe Moore Award is in the weight room, which Michigan won in 2021 as best offensive line in the nation. Harbaugh noted the players felt it should be in the weight room because that’s where their progress started.

Galli’s video has this writer wanting to pump some iron.