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Blake Corum details conversation with Jim Harbaugh this morning

Corum spoke with Michigan’s head coach hours ago.

Michigan v Ohio State Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

On the Rich Eisen Show, Michigan running back Blake Corum announced he will be returning to Michigan for the 2023 season.

Part of Corum’s conversation with Eisen included the fact he spoke Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh this morning. Harbaugh was pleased with the news Corum will be coming back to Ann Arbor.

“I talked to him this morning,” Corum said. “He was ecstatic, he was happy. And so that might be some good news, we shall see. But he was happy, we had a great conversation. I did inform him, I wanted to let him know before I let the world know.”

In the midst of players such as Corum announcing his return and other players such as Mike Morris and Luke Schoonmaker declaring for the NFL Draft is buzz that Harbaugh will be interviewing virtually with the Denver Broncos this week and that other NFL teams such as the Indianapolis Colts and Arizona Cardinals may be interested in his services.

Eisen asked Corum if he mentioned the NFL stuff to Harbaugh — Corum said he didn’t ask Harbaugh any of the NFL rumors.

“I kind of avoided that question because I want him to do what’s best for him. I avoided that question,” Corum said. “I told him I support him in whatever he does, 'cause that’s how I really feel. I support coach with whatever decision he makes.”

Whether Harbaugh ultimately interviews with the Broncos or any other NFL team remains to be seen. Today is Black Monday and there are likely more NFL head coaches to get fired. This is a fluid situation, and one that Michigan could quell by giving Harbaugh a fat new contract.