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Homefield Apparel launches new University of Michigan merchandise line

Homefield is back with some incredible Michigan swag.

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Homefield Apparel has been around for several years now, but today is the official launch day of their brand new Michigan Wolverines line of clothing!


In case you aren’t familiar with the Midwest-based apparel brand — first of all, how? — but Homefield Apparel has grown exponentially since reaching the masses a few years ago. They started small but now have a line of clothing for pretty much any major university you can think of.

The team over there studies the history, traditions and legacy of every school and with that, they create thoughtful designs that tell the unique story of each university. There’s a reason they receive favorable reviews — it’s because their stuff is meaningful and super comfy.

They’ve been making Michigan merch for a few years now but today, they launched a revamped line of Wolverine apparel that is sure to make you stand out at the spring game tailgate you’ve been planning since the season ended. Whether you’re looking for a t-shirt, hoodie, crewneck or something else, they’ve got what you need to stay cozy while rockin’ the best looking Michigan gear.

Below are a few examples of some of the new merchandise you can expect to see.

I received a shipment of shirts from Homefield over the weekend and this isn’t my first rodeo with them. Every shirt I own from them — including the ones I received just a few days ago — fits perfectly and features unique designs you won’t find anywhere else. You can try but trust me, you won’t find sleek designs like you will at Homefield.

So what are you waiting for?! Head to right now and use the promo code “MICHIGAN15” to receive 15% off your entire first order. Again...your ENTIRE first order! You can order 70 items or just one shirt, it doesn’t matter, but that code will discount your entire cart by 15%.