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QB Jack Tuttle aims to bring a ‘hard-nosed’ Andrew Luck mindset to Michigan

Enlightening comments from the transfer QB.

NCAA Football: Outback Bowl-Mississippi vs Indiana Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan’s quarterback room became better and more experienced when former Indiana quarterback Jack Tuttle transferred to the Wolverines this offseason.

Tuttle was a team captain at Indiana and threw for 901 yards, five touchdowns and six interceptions throughout his four years at IU.

J.J. McCarthy is Michigan’s starter, but Tuttle doesn’t seem too focused on who’s behind or ahead of him on the depth chart. Tuttle

“When we get down to it, the reason I wanted to come here was number one, to help Michigan win a National Championship and do everything I can to help that happen,” Tuttle said on In the Trenches with Jon Jansen.

When it comes to what Tuttle brings to Michigan, Tuttle said he wants to be a dual-threat QB.

Tuttle said in the beginning he was more of a pocket passer, but has developed quite a bit more speed. Tuttle’s gotten his forty-down to around 4.5-6, aided by a good diet and a lower body fat percentage.

Speed isn’t all Tuttle has to offer as a quarterback, he wants to bring brawn as well.

“Being able to have that tough, hard-nosed mindset. Kind of like an Andrew Luck, that’s always who I looked up to when I was growing up. That’s who my play style reflects, I believe.”

Toughness and tenacity are great traits in football, and so are leadership and a love for the game.

Former Indiana tight end AJ Barner, who also transferred to Michigan, describes Tuttle as someone who loves football and is always willing to go the extra mile as a teammate. Tuttle’s always there to throw after practice if teammates want to get some more catches in.

“The biggest thing with Jack is he’s a football junky,” Barner said. “I remember when we first got here, we’re learning the plays, we don’t have scripts yet for practice — Jack’s making his own scripts, going through the plays in his head. He’s a guy that loves to do that.”

Head coach Jim Harbaugh described Tuttle as one of the quarterbacks who was off to a good start for Michigan in spring ball.

“Backup quarterback-wise, Davis Warren, Jack Tuttle, Alex Orji — Jayden Denegal is already off to a really hot start in the spring,” Harbaugh said in late February. “So is Jack Tuttle. He’s been really good the first two days.”

Michigan will hope Tuttle remains hot and can be a high caliber option behind J.J. McCarthy.