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Jack Tuttle details how ‘down-to-earth’ J.J. McCarthy’s impressive

“A great human being. Great football player.”

Syndication: Detroit Free Press Kirthmon F. Dozier / USA TODAY NETWORK

Quarterback Jack Tuttle transferred from Indiana to Michigan back in December. In that timeframe, he’s gotten to know his coaches and teammates better, especially those in the quarterback room.

This will mark Tuttle’s sixth season as a collegiate quarterback. Tuttle has been around longer than most, and he’s coming off a 2022 season where he was a captain at Indiana. In short, Tuttle’s seen enough and done enough for his evaluations to be taken seriously.

Tuttle was asked by the media on Thursday to evaluate fellow Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy as a player and as a person. Tuttle gave a glowing review, two thumbs up.

“Most people would kind of look at a guy like J.J., quarterback, big-time guy, they might think he’s arrogant or something. That dude is the most down-to-earth person,” Tuttle conveyed. “I can’t say this enough — a great human being, great football player. I love being around him.”

Head coach Jim Harbaugh has described McCarthy as someone who will do anything to help the team win, he’ll put the team ahead of himself. It feels like Tuttle is of the same mold. He’s not concerned about McCarthy being the solidified starting quarterback, Tuttle said he came here to help Michigan win a National Championship. And one way he can help is by having a positive attitude on the practice field and in the film room while also pushing McCarthy. Tuttle seems like that kind of guy.

Tuttle was asked if McCarthy’s learned anything from him, and he joked that’s something the media will have to ask McCarthy, but he hopes that’s the case because he’s learned a thing or two from McCarthy as well.

Tuttle said he always knew McCarthy “could spin the ball”, but coming in and being around McCarthy more has “confirmed he’s a really good football player”. Tuttle said McCarthy impressed him in several ways.

“Obviously Michigan gets under center, multiple, there’s a lot of stuff on offense — footwork wise, I’m looking at that like ‘wow’. I haven’t really been under center since high school. Looking at his footwork and how he’s progressed over the past couple of years and just taking little things that he does and maybe implementing it.”

Tuttle noted he’s done the same implementing things that other quarterbacks do like Davis Warren and Alex Orji. Tuttle says “then they do the same”.

There’s been progress the past few weeks in spring camp, Tuttle says,

“That whole quarterback room, I’m just stoked to be in there. Such good dudes. Really love the guy so far,” Tuttle said of McCarthy. “It’s been phenomenal. I can’t wait to see where we go.”