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This Blake Corum bench press video will get you amped for 2023 Michigan Football

Blake Corum is one tough dude.

Michigan Football Twitter (@UMichFootball)

Blake Corum is already one of the best running backs in Michigan history, and it looks like he’s doing everything he can to get even stronger by the time the season begins in September.

In a video posted on Monday by Michigan Football, Corum puts up an impressive 30 bench press reps.

In the video, you can see strength and conditioning coach Ben Herbert by Corum’s side and a big circle of teammates rooting him on and counting out each rep.

Corum is arguably Michigan’s strongest player pound for pound at 5-foot-8, 210 pounds. His work ethic in the weight room has impressed his peers ever since he stepped foot on campus.

“The way he trains in the offseason, let me describe that to you for a bit — it’s all out all the time. ” Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh said in 2021. “He’s like a stalker finding ways to get into the weight room.”

The best part of the video of Corum bench pressing might not even be Corum’s bench press itself, but the camaraderie between him and his teammates. It’s March and the team is showing the type of energy it takes to perform at a high level. Year-round dedication is a must in football.

Corum rushed for 1,463 yards and 18 touchdowns and was named a unanimous All-American. If not for an injury against Illinois late in the year Corum would have been a finalist for the Heisman. Corum is on the path to being fully healthy this summer and well before the 2023 campaign.