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The flag Michigan planted at Ohio State added to team museum

A flag deserving of being in a museum.

David Woelkers Jr.

Once the clock hit zero and the final whistle sounded Michigan celebrated their 45-23 win over Ohio State in memorable fashion — they planted their flag at midfield.

Now that flag has found its way into Schembechler Hall’s Towsley Museum.

Head coach Jim Harbaugh was a proponent of the flag being brought into the museum.

“I want to get that flag,” Harbaugh said in November. “I want to get that flag and put it in our museum.”

With the flag now in Schembechler Hall coaches and players see it on a daily basis. It’s a reminder of that moment in time and the feelings they had that day. Feelings they’d like to have again in the rivalry.

”Love it,” offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore said on Tuesday. “I love seeing that. I think about that game every day, I think about every moment. When you walk in the building, you see it soon as you walk in. You see all the things about the rivalry and what it is. You think about that every day. It’s constantly on my mind, it’s constantly on the players’ minds. And we’re always preparing for it.”

Defensive coordinator Jesse Minter shared the same sentiment about the flag being in the building.

“I think it’s really cool,” Minter said. “That’s what makes college football special is rivalries and the ability to enjoy those moments and enjoy the significance of those wins.”

Minter said seeing the flag makes him think about the player-led defense taking charge of that game in the fourth quarter.

“Super great memories,” Minter said. “Trying to work every day so we can have a bunch of those again this year.”

Michigan has now won two in a row against Ohio State. They’ll be looking to beat the Buckeyes again when The Game takes place in Ann Arbor on November 25.