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Roman Wilson discusses better on-field connection with J.J. McCarthy, goals for 2023 season

The senior WR provided some insight on the offseason and where their goals and expectations lie.

Vrbo Fiesta Bowl - Michigan v TCU Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Michigan Wolverines wide receiver Roman Wilson joined the “In the Trenches” podcast with Jon Jansen this week to provide insight on the spring game, how the offseason has been going and more.

The spring game is this Saturday and while the official rosters haven’t been released yet, there’s an expectation Michigan has continued its success from last fall. Whether that be finding the next man up or the seniors paving the wave for the new additions, Saturday provides the first glimpse into next season.

Wilson hails from Hawaii and arrived in Ann Arbor four years ago. With those four years under his belt, it is only natural he is a guiding force in a stacked receiving room. His extensive knowledge of the system and his openness, he notes, are what are readily available to the younger guys.

“I am the position they want to be in, so I feel like they know I have the answers and can help them out,” Wilson said.

Wilson has been putting in the work this offseason, much like his counterparts and teammates. The expectations are to provide another Big Ten championship, get a CFP win, and hopefully a National Championship. They share their desire to deliver on this promise.

“We are doing everything possible to get to that next step,” Wilson stated.

In his own game, Wilson breaks down his emphasis on studying film and emulating players he admires from the NFL or former college players.

“I’m trying to be the best version of myself I can be and figure out where I am going to fit,” Wilson said. “I am trying to be a better route runner, better catcher.”

Above all, the most important thing from the offseason might be the continuing growth between himself and J.J. McCarthy. He has been in the system and has lived a full year at the helm, so it only makes sense to expect another leap in play.

“He is more of a leader now than just a young guy that plays a lot,” Wilson noted of McCarthy.

The pair have gotten more in tune in the offseason. Wilson described having a better understanding of the likes and dislikes of McCarthy and adjusting to that. From that effort, Wilson said, “There hasn’t been a time we both haven’t been on the same page.”

A point Michigan has made has surrounded the idea of an explosive offense. That offense being the main catalyst to get Michigan to its goals. With Saturday being the ideal time to show just a little, Wilson was all about keeping the mystery while building the anticipation.

“A lot of plays [last year] on the table got left off,” Wilson said. “If we connect on those, it will take our offense to another level.”