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Urban Meyer had a coach at OSU whose sole job was to ‘watch (Michigan) year-round’

The former OSU head coach really, really didn’t want to lose to Michigan.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 19 Big Ten Championship Game - Northwestern v Ohio State Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

You probably didn’t expect to see an article from us — a Michigan Wolverines website — about Urban Meyer on April 15, 2023. I don’t blame you for that, considering he quit on OSU due to “health reasons,” went back to coaching the very next season, almost ruined Trevor Lawrence’s career in Jacksonville — along with his own marriage — and got fired before the season even ended.

But here we are!

Recently, Meyer spoke to a group of reporters at a recent Ohio State coaches convention and was asked about his thoughts on Michigan “getting better” and watching the rivalry “intensify again.”

Meyer spoke at length about this, but he revealed he had a coach whose job was to know exactly what Michigan was doing at all times. You can hear the question and his entire answer in the video above, but here is his answer for you in case you can’t watch the video.

“Yeah, I’ve said this many times, I’d argue with anybody, I’m not sure there’s anybody who’s ever respected that rivalry more than I have,” Meyer said. “I studied it; we had a board everywhere about who they recruited, what they were doing offensively and defensively. I had one coach — that’s all he did was watch them year-round. So when someone says, ‘The team up north wasn’t very good,’ then I would look at them and say, ‘You don’t really understand this rivalry.’ You don’t understand that when we played them, I think three times they were top-five in the country. So they’re always good. If someone said they’re not very good, usually that conversation ends quickly because that guy doesn’t respect the rivalry. That’s one of the top programs in America, they’ve got a great coach and it’s a great rivalry.”

Meyer went on to say he and Ryan Day had a conversation where there were “10 bullet points” of winning The Game, and No. 1 is “always going to be control the line of scrimmage.” We all know how that turned out last November in Columbus, when Donovan Edwards went off for two 75+ yard touchdown runs late in the game to seal the deal for the Maize and Blue, 45-23.

What do you think about what Meyer had to say? I do agree with some of his comments about the rivalry, but I also found it very interested that he had a coach who always knew what Michigan was up to.