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Michigan Football recruiting expenses rank among highest in nation

More money spent on recruiting can really bolster a programs talent.

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NCAA Football: Fiesta Bowl-Texas Christian at Michigan Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Football recruiting requires coaches and staff members to effectively get their message across to recruits — why they should join their respective programs, and what the university and city have to offer. Even with good pitches, it does boil down to dollars and cents and how much money is being allocated to the recruiting department. A new report is indicative of that fact.

Per USA Today Sports, Michigan Football spent $2.2 million in 2022, which ranked 8th in the nation and 1st in the Big Ten. Ohio State spent $1.29 million, while Michigan State spent $955,303.

Georgia’s won the last two national championships, and it’s no surprise they blew everyone out of the water, spending $4.5 million. Clemson came in runner-up at $3.2 million.

Here’s a look at the top ten.

  1. Georgia: $4.5 million
  2. Clemson: $3.2 million
  3. Texas A&M: $3.0 million
  4. Tennessee: $2.9 million
  5. Oklahoma: $2.6 million
  6. Texas: $2.4 million
  7. Alabama: $2.3 million
  8. Michigan: $2.2 million
  9. Oregon: $1.8 million
  10. Florida: $1.6 million

Michigan’s right on part with Nick Saban and Alabama, who came in just north of the Wolverines at $2.3 million.

Michigan putting money into the recruiting department appears to be beneficial, especially when it comes to their potential 2024 recruiting class. There’s still a lot of time between now and the early signing period in December, but as it stands right now Michigan has the No. 3 recruiting class. Georgia is No. 1, LSU comes in at No. 2, and Ohio State at No. 4.

Here’s a look at how much Michigan’s spent every year since 2017.

  • 2017: $1,559,796
  • 2018: $1,397,784
  • 2019: $1,411,989
  • 2020: $970,685
  • 2021: $540,268
  • 2022: 2,240,064

Michigan's yearly average from 2017-22 was $1,353,431, which is tops in the Big Ten. It’s fair to say that Michigan opting to spend a good chunk on recruiting has helped them close the gap between them and Ohio State. Michigan’s won two Big Ten Championships in a row and has beaten Ohio State two years in a row.

Michigan has momentum on the recruiting trail. 2024 five-star quarterback Jadyn Davis committed to Michigan last Friday, and four-star running back Jordan Marshall committed to the Wolverines the week prior.

Michigan’s made the College Football Playoff the past two seasons, and perhaps it’ll take more money from all the juggernaut programs to dethrone Georgia as the top dogs in the nation. Georgia winning two championships in a row and also leading the nation in recruiting spending shows how much of a tool money can be in college football no matter how good of a staff a team has.

Michigan’s recruiting budget is more than enough for them to compete for championships, and now it’s all about just landing the right recruits and making it happen.