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Michigan football 2024 and 2025 Big Ten schedule release: Opponents and locations

The Wolverines will travel to Los Angeles once, while hosting the other Cali team in 2024.

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The Big Ten Conference has announced its brand new scheduling format for football, which includes doing away with divisions and having protected rivalry games.

Some of Michigan’s 2024 opponents were revealed a bit early, as Brett McMurphy reported the Michigan Wolverines are scheduled to play both the newcomers to the conference, USC and UCLA, in 2024.

Michigan will travel to Los Angeles in 2024 to play USC, while the UCLA Bruins will head to the Big House. The exact dates/times for all games will be announced at a later time.

Other notable Big Ten matchups in 2024 include Ohio State at UCLA, USC at Penn State, and Wisconsin at USC.

Here is Michigan’s 2024 Big Ten Conference schedule:

  • Vs. UCLA
  • Vs. Wisconsin
  • Vs. Michigan State
  • Vs. Minnesota
  • Vs. Maryland
  • @ USC
  • @ Ohio State
  • @ Rutgers
  • @ Illinois

And here is Michigan’s 2025 conference slate:

  • Vs. Ohio State
  • Vs. Penn State
  • Vs. Northwestern
  • Vs. Purdue
  • @ Michigan State
  • @ Indiana
  • @ Maryland
  • @ Nebraska
  • @ Iowa

This is a very welcome change, in my opinion. It gives the conference a bit more parity when it comes to matchups, as the East and West divisions were incredibly imbalanced. No team from the West Division has ever won the Big Ten Championship Game, so it’ll be nice to see that change implemented.

Another great thing with all of this is Michigan will play every member of the conference in a two-year period. In the past, there have been gaps of three years where Michigan hadn’t played a team from the West Division in three years. Now that is a thing of the past, and the Wolverines will have played every single team every other year, other than MSU and OSU, which they will play yearly.

What are your thoughts on the changes? Let us know down in the comments.