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Blake Corum says Jim Harbaugh’s reported suspension will make Michigan ‘go even harder’

Corum is ready to play for his coach.

NCAA Football: Big Ten Football Media Day Robert Goddin-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Harbaugh may be reportedly receiving a (ridiculous) four-game suspension from the NCAA, but that won’t change how his players feel about him.

Running back Blake Corum said he doesn’t know too much about the situation, but he’s ready to rally his teammates. In fact, Corum believes Harbaugh being suspended will galvanize the program.

“If anything, it’s going to make us go even harder,” Corum said.

While Harbaugh might not be around on game days the first four weeks, Corum said he’ll be there in spirit.

“I’m gonna rally my troops, get them going, and we’re going to do this for Coach Harbaugh if that is the case,” Corum said.

Defensive lineman Kris Jenkins shared the same thought about Harbaugh potentially being suspended. He said it would hurt their hearts but they want to make him proud.

“We’re going to represent that and play the way he’s made us,” Jenkins said.

While the NCAA is attempting to assassinate Harbaugh’s character, Corum has conviction about the person Harbaugh is.

“It’s going to light a fire under us and make us want to win even more,” Corum said. “We love coach Harbaugh, we’re all behind him. Coach Harbaugh’s a great coach, he’s a great human being.”

Michigan’s first four games are against East Carolina, UNLV, Bowling Green, and Rutgers. Whether Harbaugh’s on the sideline or not, Michigan players aren’t happy about Harbaugh’s potential suspension and will be playing with an added chip on their shoulder.