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Daily Brews: The three most interesting comments from Jim Harbaugh at Big Ten Media Day

Harbaugh made a lot of notable comments during his time in front of the microphones, but these are the three that caught our eye.

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Big Ten Media Days have come and gone, and Jim Harbaugh had a lot to say at the podium.

It’s important to note that he couldn’t address the elephant in the room; when asked about the NCAA investigation that could lead to a reported 4-day suspension, he said he’s not allowed to talk about any aspect of the situation.

“I would love to lay it all out there,” Harbaugh said on the matter. “Nothing to be ashamed of. But now is not that time. That’s about all there is to say about that.”

Let’s move on to the things he was allowed to talk about. Here are, in my opinion, the 3 most interesting comments from his time at the podium on Thursday. If you’d like the full transcript of what he said, our Trevor Woods has that for you here.

High praise for J.J. McCarthy

“He’s a once-in-a-generational type of quarterback at Michigan, and his progress continues to grow. Daily he’s at the top of his game right now, really in all aspects. Everything that he does athletically, everything that he does throwing the football are at the elite level, and then I think the thing that makes him the most special, differentiating good and great, is that he’s willing to do anything for his teammates, anything for his team.”

College football media members have said that the 2023 Michigan team may be the best of Harbaugh’s tenure, and the talent of the man under center is a big reason for that.

Harbaugh couldn’t recall coaching someone who was better as a first-year starter than McCarthy. He also said he thinks “some compare him to Patrick Mahomes (and) Josh Allen.” That might be a little bit of a stretch, but if McCarthy is a Heisman contender this season, Michigan’s chances of making it back to the College Football Playoff skyrocket.

On NIL and the transfer portal

“A young man can choose what’s best for him and his family. However many years we’re in on that now, I would say so far so good and no need to change. Surely we need more data.”

This feels like a pretty PR-friendly answer on paper, but it’s good to see that Harbaugh is at least publicly supporting the transfer portal. Back in 2020, he did back an NCAA vote of the one-time transfer waiver, which ultimately is a good thing for college football since it allows players more power to get to situations where they can reach their full individual potential.

I would pay good money to hear what Harbaugh thinks of the portal off the record over a brew or two.

Good news injury-wise and attitude-wise

“I think our team’s as healthy as you could ask for. Very talented and extremely hard work ethic, and not one of them wants to hear about what they did last year or the last two years; it’s always: Coach, we’re doing it again, doing it now, and now is the time that matters. That’s the kind of attitude and effort and talent we’re taking into the start of this training camp.”

This is the type of quote that can feel like coach-speak, but it does feel genuine coming from Harbaugh. It’s always good news to hear that the squad is at their full strength, and despite the success in recent years, the football team still appears to be striving for better.

Those lofty goals are ultimately a great thing, and it brings the best out of others in competition for starting spots. Harbaugh spoke in length about those battles, which you can read in the full transcript.

What was your favorite quote or best takeaway from Harbaugh’s quotes? Let us know in the comments.