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Roman Wilson shines in opening practice of the Reese’s Senior Bowl

The speedy receiver details his life-story that led him to where he is now.

Photo by CFP/Getty Images
Erik Bean Erik is a lifelong Wolverines fan born and raised in West Michigan. He covers a variety of topics related to Michigan football including game analysis and recruiting.

Roman Wilson shined for the Michigan Wolverines en route to the National Championship. The senior was Michigan’s leading receiver with 48 catches for 789 yards and 12 touchdowns. He was reliable thanks to his good route running skills, coming up with huge plays down the stretch.

Wilson is now once again dominating, this time at the Reese’s Senior Bowl. In an interview with The Insiders on NFL Network, Wilson details what life has been like both personal and on the field.

Wilson describes the recent weeks as a “whirlwind.” Following the Rose Bowl and National Championship, he declared and began prepping for the NFL Combine. As he gets ready to leap into the league, he details how this is always what he has dreamed of.

“Growing up, I used to pray for times like this. This is what I want to do. This is not too much for me,” Wilson said.

The Hawaii native discussed what it was like growing up. His mother worked three jobs and his father got a job at an airline so Wilson could fly to another island each day to attend a private school. For about a month, he would fly to and from the island each day, as well as take the public bus back and forth from the airport to the school. Wilson ultimately moved to the island and lived with three different families for a period of time.

Wilson described the experience of navigating life on the other island as having to “grow up at a young age.” His father was later able to get him a one-bedroom apartment, somewhere he could call home. Growing up, Wilson was grateful for even the smallest of things in life.

As he transitions to the NFL, Wilson stated he just wants to “make his family proud.” He is hoping this opportunity will allow him to give back to his parents for everything they have done for him.

When asked about Harbaugh also departing for the NFL, Wilson said he hopes his former coach drafts him. He believes Harbaugh has an “itch to scratch” to win a Super Bowl and is happy for him.

When detailing Wilson’s skillset, Mike Garafolo described him as a “Smooth, easy route-runner who knows how to find space.” The speedy receiver admitted his job is to keep things simple for his quarterback and make plays. As he eagerly awaits his name to be called in April, Wilson knows that just getting the opportunity to play at the next level is a blessing in and of itself, regardless of what round or team.