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Daily Brews: Could alcohol be coming to college events in the state of Michigan?

Beer at the Big House?!

Michigan Spring Game Photo by Jaime Crawford/Getty Images

Recently introduced legislation would potentially lift the state of Michigan ban on alcohol sales at collegiate sporting events. If passed, university governing boards would be able to apply for liquor licenses and sell alcohol at football, basketball and hockey stadiums.

Currently, only eight teams in the Big Ten Conference sell alcohol at their stadiums but if passed, that number would increase to 10 with the additions of Michigan and Michigan State.

There is some speculation the timing of this bill coincides with universities trying to recoup losses suffered during the pandemic when fans were largely prohibited from attending sporting events.

One congressman when speaking to the media elaborated with: “Data from universities in other states clearly shows that the number of alcohol-related incidents inside stadiums declines when alcohol sales are allowed. Instead of binge drinking in the parking lot or sneaking alcohol into the stadium, fans can simply purchase a beer in the concourse.”

Are the days of slamming last minute beers outside Michigan Stadium, Crisler and Yost a thing of the past?