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Michigan comes in at No. 6 in the preseason Coaches Poll

The Wolverines are the second highest ranked Big Ten school according to the coaches.

Michigan Spring Game Photo by Jaime Crawford/Getty Images

Michigan Wolverines fans have a love/mostly-hate relationship with the Coaches Poll. After all, it was the Coaches Poll voting that cost the Wolverines an outright National Championship in 1997 despite receiving more than 70% of the first place votes and overwhelmingly earning the No. 1 ranking in the AP Poll.

Good thing I’ve gotten over that and hold no resentment toward Nebraska and Scott Frost. Good thing.

Anyway, the preseason Coaches Poll for the upcoming year was released today and the defending Big Ten Champion Wolverines are ranked No. 6.

Michigan was one of four Big Ten teams ranked: No. 2 Ohio State, No. 6 Michigan, No. 14 Michigan State and No. 20 Wisconsin.

Three other Big Ten teams were also receiving votes: Penn State, Minnesota and Purdue.

Preseason polls mean nothing. Look no further than last year when Michigan was unranked and ended up as one of the four teams in the College Football Playoff. Still, it is nice to see the Wolverines getting respect.

Do you agree with the Wolverines’ ranking? Who is overrated/underrated? Do you still harbor an undying bitterness toward Nebraska and Scott Frost for fogging up a shining moment for the 1997 team?