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Blake Corum: Despite departure of Haskins, ‘the game goes on’

The Wolverines’ expected RB1 remains confident in his position room

NCAA Football: Orange Bowl-Georgia at Michigan Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Following the departure of 2021 standout running back Hassan Haskins, many Michigan football fans wondered — what’s lightning without the thunder?

While the other half of that electric duo Blake Corum returns for another season. Corum was a speed threat to compliment Haskins' power, will the power dynamic of Michigan's rushing attack change with Haskins gone?

Ask Corum himself however, and you’ll hear a much different story.

“The game has to go on,” Corum said. “Obviously we’re gonna miss Hassan, he was a big part of the offense, but we’re gonna pick up right where we left off. [Donovan Edwards] is gonna come in and get more reps now, [Tavierre Dunlap] is ready, [CJ Stokes] is coming in. We’re picking up right where we left off.”

For Corum, who finished with just under a thousand yards rushing in 2021, his confidence comes not just from the players he shares a position room with, but also his own development.

Corum gained twelve pounds as a result of better nutrition and conditioning over the offseason, while also spending more time in film study.

“It wasn’t really an idea, it was more just putting in the work,” Corum said. “Eating right, hydrating better, that’s what it led to. I wasn’t really trying to put on weight, it kinda just happened. I feel good around that weight. If anything, I feel faster. Maybe bring a little more power behind it but I feel good.

“I watched my film quite a bit, as well as other running backs and other defenses. What I picked up from my film last year was reading blitzes better. I can always be better by studying defenses. I strive to have a better IQ of the game so I can go out there and ball.”

Given his development, Corum appears not to be looking for the thunder this season, but to instead make his own on the field.