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Noteworthy things Jim Harbaugh said prior to Week 3 vs. UConn

Harbaugh took the podium following Saturday night’s season shaping announcement.

Hawaii v Michigan Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

With the big news of the week having come immediately following the Michigan Wolverines’ 56-10 victory over Hawaii, head coach Jim Harbaugh entered Monday’s press conference to questions more focused on the peripherals, both of his decision and of the team at large.

Here are the most noteworthy things Harbaugh had to say:

Opening statement - “I have a lot of appreciation for the team and the way they played. We visualized and talked about how we wanted to approach the week and what we wanted the team to look like in terms of the commitment, the fight, being locked in, playing smart, playing fast and the love of the game and love for teammates — that’s awesome stuff. That’s stuff you can’t fake or manufacture; it’s work driven and it’s heart driven, and the team did that all week. I thought it was visible, both in person and from the tape.”

On Roman Wilson’s big plays early on - “It’s been super visible, right? You can see it in everything, his focus, his physicality, every level of his game has been locked in and very good. Very much an ascending player, for a player that was already playing at a high level.”

On any update to a potential injury to Donovan Edwards - “No, I don’t. Don’t have an update, we’re working through something and he’s working through something.”

On comparing the QB competition to his time at the 49ers - “Yeah, well, I broke my own in comparing something. That comparison was really only applicable and only comparable in the way I compared it which is — they’re both really good quarterbacks.”

On the pass protection’s struggles Saturday - “Yeah we had some leakage. Talked to guys, it was an individual thing where — ‘yeah, wish I had that one back, coach,’ — ‘yeah I know what you mean, been there’ — so I think I attribute it to that.”

On the mixed reaction to Cade McNamara’s performance - “Yeah, I want to just — I do, the coaches do, our players do embrace the fact we have two very good quarterbacks. You’d love for your fan base to do that, I don’t expect (the reporter asking the question) to do that, or if you do or don’t it’s irrelevant. The main thing is it’s a big edge to have two really good quarterbacks and we as a team embrace that. Outside of that it’d be irrelevant.”

On what it takes for a true freshmen to get significant time in games - “Play good, really know what their assignment is, what their technique is, just doing their job and being physically and mentally capable of doing that. (Mason Graham) has done that, Kenneth Grant’s plays were in the 30s as well. There’s a pretty big group of freshman that are showing they’re capable of doing that, and it bodes well for our team.”