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Both inside and outside Michigan football, Mimi Bolden-Morris stands out

The graduate assistant received substantial praise from coaches on both sides of the ball Wednesday.

Colorado State v Michigan Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

In college football, very rarely does a graduate assistant get much attention for their work. For Mimi Bolden-Morris however, that notice was taken the minute she was hired at Michigan.

While much of what’s been said about Bolden-Morris has focused on her groundbreaking status — being the first female graduate assistant at a Power 5 school — inside Schembechler Hall, her work has spoken louder than anything else.

“She’s done an outstanding job,” co-offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore said Wednesday. “She’s very intelligent and very detailed, very willing learner. She’s always asking questions, trying to make sure she’s doing things the right way and exactly how we want them. But she’s been an outstanding addition to us and she gives a different perspective — somebody that didn’t play the sport but was an athlete and can see the game through those eyes.

“Obviously she’s a woman, but to us she’s just another coach, and the players look at it the same way.”

Bolden-Morris — who played basketball as a shooting guard at Georgetown and Boston College before being hired at Michigan — is no stranger to the gridiron.

“Football was always my first love, I played it as a kid and I’ve watched my dad coach my brother throughout high school,” Bolden-Morris said in a March press release from Georgetown. “I’ve spent so much time watching the game and this is something I’ve always wanted to do. For this to be an opportunity is full circle.”

As an offensive graduate assistant, Bolden-Morris works primarily with the quarterbacks and has left a clear mark on Moore and the offensive staff from the get-go.

“She’s asking questions, but there’s also times she says things and suggests things that you’re like ‘huh, that makes sense’,” Moore said. “She’s an intricate part of what we do on game day, she’s on the sideline and she helps with substitutions and things like that, which people might look at as not so important but it’s super important, especially with the personnels we put in the game. So she does a super good job for us and we’re excited to have her.”

Reactions to her impact on the Michigan Wolverines’ preparation is not limited just to offensive coaches — Steve Clinkscale chimed in as well when asked about her role on the staff.

“Well, I think she’s very smart,” Clinkscale said. “Always upbeat, excited about being here. She’s willing to learn, which is the biggest thing, you know. There’s two parts to people, you’re willing and you’re able — I think she’s both. She’s always asking me questions about the secondary — ‘what’s this coverage, what’re you guys doing here’ — and I think that’s going to be great for her in this industry.

“I think she’s in the right profession and I look forward to seeing what she does in the future.”

For Bolden-Morris, it’s clear her colleagues hold her in high esteem. With support like that, the future is certainly bright.