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Social media reactions from the Battle for Paul Bunyan

This game, at night, on Halloween weekend? You already know the reactions were good.

Michigan State v Michigan Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

There was no shortage of frustration this game, but ultimately the Michigan Wolverines got the win and with it returned Paul Bunyan back to Ann Arbor.

Here are the most noteworthy social media reactions from the game:

They’re not just beating a dead horse, they’re beating the ghost of a dead horse now:

A video review away from becoming the latest in a long line of ref controversies in this game:

They’re saying Schoon-urns! Schoon-urns!

Can’t imagine a more beautiful thing than two Michigan teams scoring at the same time:

A familiar struggle popped up near the end of the half:

At least in the deep game, it feels like the pass offense’s window is closing:

The biggest frustration tonight? Red zone scoring:

Put all the game balls in Jake Moody’s locker after this one:


Donovan Peoples-Jones started a tradition:

Aged like milk:

Brad Robbins made a special guest appearance:

The set is completed at long last:

Welcome home Paul!