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J.J. McCarthy looks to find solutions for red zone frustrations

A win’s a win, but the quarterback knows more needs to be done.

Michigan State v Michigan Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

A 29-7 victory over rivals Michigan State is never something the Michigan Wolverines are disappointed by.

However, there are certainly things in a victory that’ll get a second and third look. Last night, it was the red zone ratio — two touchdowns and three field goals when inside MSU’s 20-yard line.

Getting touchdowns off red zone visits has become a recurring concern in the past few weeks, and quarterback J.J. McCarthy knows more works needs to be done.

“I mean, there’s multiple factors,” McCarthy said. “Just basic execution, scheme, there’s just so many things we gotta unpack and unravel, and just get into the film room and really understand the ‘why,’ like we’re not really getting in there. Don’t have any answers for that right now, but it’s just all of the above. We’re going back to back weeks without finishing, and this game shouldn’t have been as close as it was. It should’ve been a blowout and that’s all just based on our red zone.”

Although failing to reach the end zone is certainly disappointing, having one of the best kickers in the game in Jake Moody helps soften the blow.

“He’s an offense’s best friend,” McCarthy said. “Just him being the best field goal kicker in the country last year, guaranteed best field goal kicker in the country this year, Moody’s just a guy that. He’s a leader on our team and he shows every single opportunity he gets, so it’s a complete blessing.”

Now that this rivalry game is done and dusted, attention undoubtedly turns to how the Wolverines can beat the next one in Ohio State. Based off McCarthy’s comments, one of the major things they’ll focus on in the weeks ahead will be shoring up their red zone offense.