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Social media reactions from Michigan’s 52-17 blowout of Rutgers

Twitter went through the gambit of emotions in this game.

Michigan v Rutgers Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Well that was something, wasn’t it?

After what can at it’s most favorable be described as a cold sweat inducing first half, the Michigan Wolverines went on the war path and ultimately made it a 52-17 blowout victory. Twitter was active through it all, and here’s the most noteworthy posts to come from the night.

The gameplan was obvious from the word go:

Early decisions from Rutgers reminded some of an embattled local coach:

The mood dropped to rock-bottom as the second quarter got underway:

Whatever Schiano does in game week prep, it seems to work especially well against the Wolverines:

J.J. was the target of some extremely questionable tackles as the half neared it’s end:

Welcome to college football, where the rules are made up and the stats don’t matter:

Tensions eased significantly after Michigan’s first touchdown of the second quarter:

Who was this segment for anyway?

Dominant second halves are very rarely a bad thing, but a full 60 minute performance would be fun too:

It cannot be overstated how weird this game looked on paper:

Like King Arthur pulling Excalibur out of the stone:

How can you not be romantic about college football?

The second half was such a tonal shift, the official team account got in a joke:

Seems like even the statistics guy at SHI Stadium tuned over to Alabama-LSU, though he certainly wasn’t alone: