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Social media reactions from 34-3 victory over Nebraska

Here are the best Twitter reactions to the Nebraska game.

Nebraska v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

On Saturday, the Michigan Wolverines made the 2022 season a rarefied 10-0 start with a 34-3 victory over the Nebraska Cornhuskers. It’s Michigan’s first 10-0 start to a season since 2006.

While a win is never a bad thing, the game was a bit of a slog, and it showed on social media. Even still, here are some of the best reactions:

No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative. It gets the people going:

In the eyes of many, there’s only one true 1997 National Champion:

Opinions were divided on what the biggest contributor to the receiving woes were:

The game wasn’t exactly what you’d call efficient with it’s commercial breaks.

One of the deepest TE groups in the country:

Michigan Stadium is a no fly zone:

Good thing they roll over to the next half, right? ...right?

Witnesses also reported seeing a lone tumbleweed and some crickets:

A lot of people were definitely sleep-watching this game:

Blake is a 100% certified bad man:

The refs made a little excitement of their own late: