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Social media reactions from the Big Ten Championship Game

Back to back!

Big Ten Championship - Purdue v Michigan Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

For the first time since 1991-92, the Michigan Wolverines are back to back outright Big Ten Champions. They took care of business against the Purdue Boilermakers, 43-22, and are now headed to the College Football Playoff.

Here are the most noteworthy reactions from their bid to secure that accomplishment:

Free the Maize Rage:

This post is under review:

Chess, not checkers:

Just a casual five hour game, no big deal:

There was discontentment early on about the defense’s performance:

Uh... you lost, buddy?

Feelings were mixed at halftime:

The halftime show was certainly something:

Donovan Edwards made his presence felt to start the second half, much to the enjoyment of Wolverine fans:

Third down O’Connell is a bad, bad man:

Will Johnson’s standout performance caught the eye of a certain Michigan legend:

Harbaugh is just screwing around at this point:

Good teams win, great teams cover:

The Yost-Stagg Trophy is staying in Ann Arbor for another year: