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Harbaugh on DC Minter interviewing with the Eagles: 'We don’t hold anybody back'

Michigan's head coach was very supportive regarding Minter’s interview with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Notre Dame v Michigan Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

The head coach of the Michigan Wolverines met with the media for the first time since spring practices got underway on Monday. One of the hottest topics of the press conference was the status of Michigan defensive coordinator Jesse Minter.

On Tuesday, NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo reported that Minter was interviewing for the vacant defensive coordinator position with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh warmly addressed the reports and understands you have to pay a tax for success.

“Over eight years, a lot of players are in the NFL. Coaches, I think I’ve lost count, coaches have gone to the NFL from here. Staff members, same.” Harbaugh continued: “Right now, Jesse Minter’s considering that, and we just don’t hold them back. I can’t tell you all the ones, calls come in, calls are taken, those conversations had. There’s a few coaches on our staff that those calls came in, and they decided to stay here. I’m one of them. People do what they think is best for them professionally and personally.”

Harbaugh continued by comparing his own recent NFL interest: “It’s an ongoing thing, something that we treat as a really positive thing, that NFL franchises, NFL teams have a lot of interest in all of our personnel, coaches, players, staff. If somebody in our organization feels like that’s going to benefit them professionally, personally, then to that we say ‘have at it’. We don’t hold anybody back.”

During his first season at Michigan, Minter was a Broyles Award finalist in 2022 after leading Michigan’s defense to top ten marks nationally in: scoring defense, total defense, rushing defense, and yards-per-pass attempt allowed.

The Wolverines only lose three starters (defensive tackle Mazi Smith, EDGE Mike Morris, and corner Gemon Green, from that prolific defense. Given how late it is in the process, hopefully, Minter returns from a timetable and continuity standpoint.

But if someone else has to step in, they will be handed the keys to a Ferrari on defense.