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Daily Brews: ESPN’s Greg McElroy loves the Wolverines in 2023

The ESPN analyst went into great detail about the personnel and potential of Michigan in 2023.

Illinois v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Michigan Wolverines continue to be one of the talks of the college football world. Is this the year? Can Jim Harbaugh finally take a team all the way? It seems like everyone has Michigan on the tip of the tongue and now you can add one more to the list.

Former Alabama quarterback and current ESPN analyst Greg McElroy echoed the majority’s sentiments and even took it a step further last week on Always College Football.

“I love Michigan this year. I’ve been very outspoken about Michigan dating back to last year. They’re phenomenal. I expect them to be really good again this year. Do have concerns, I know they’ve gone out to the portal. They’ve been a very attractive portal destination for offensive line talent in the past.”

“But will they be able to replace what they had last year? We’ll find out. I think that group will be very good... We all know what they have at running back between Blake Corum and Donovan Edwards, they’re going to be in great shape at that position.”

McElroy continued to touch on Michigan’s offensive weapons.

“I think Colston Loveland has a lot to like at the tight end spot. He’ll be a featured player. You also get AJ Barner via the transfer portal. I think the one question that you might have is at wide receiver but even that might be a bit of a stretch knowing the identity of this offense is going to be ground and pound until it’s not.”

“Cornelius Johnson is a difference maker expecting to get as many touches as humanly possible within that offensive scheme.”

“A lot of my excitement about Michigan centers around the improvement of JJ McCarthy,” McElroy said. “I think he’s really on the cusp of becoming a superstar in the world of college football. I think he’s the best quarterback in the Big Ten right now. I want the upside potentially of JJ McCarthy.”

“I believe he has it in him and I think his best football is in front of them. I really believe that and I would be surprised if he doesn’t take a significant step this year in 2023.”

Eventually, the former national championship quarterback got to the defensive side of the ball. As exciting and highly publicized as the offense is, Michigan’s defense deserves an equal amount of hype for having this team ready to take the next step as a program.

“I love the depth of this defense. I love the edge this defense plays with and it seems like every year it’s like man, I wonder what Michigan is going to roll out Week 1 with what they have on the edge? It’s like one year after another it’s like every year, here comes another all-American defensive end. Take your pick this year, there’s plenty of options to choose from. I love this Michigan group from top to bottom, this should be one of the nation’s very best.”

At this point, there is almost too much praise and positivity surrounding the program coming from pundits. There is a reason Alabama’s Nick Saban calls it “rat poison.” As long as the team doesn't buy into their own headlines before securing 15 wins, Team 144 could be one of the best Michigan teams to ever take the field.