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Brainstorming nicknames for the 2023 Michigan Wolverines

Every player deserves a good nickname.

NCAA Football: Fiesta Bowl-Texas Christian at Michigan Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

A good nickname is organic. It flows. The best nicknames become more synonymous with the player than their legal names. Think of “The Great One,” “Babe” Ruth, or more recently, “Money Moody,” if you think of the Wolverines.

The old adage regarding nicknames was you could not give yourself one. Which was true until Kobe Bryant bestowed his own in 2003 after watching Kill Bill. And if your self-proclaimed nickname is as strong and apt as “The Black Mamba,” it’ll stick.

But if it’s like my high school football teammate who insisted on being called “The Machine,” you’ll be rightfully ridiculed even 17 years later in digital print.

These nickname suggestions below for Team 144 of the Michigan Wolverines, are just that, suggestions. This is a workshop for nicknames. They aren’t quite ready to hit the streets, but some are closer than others.

A few ground rules

  1. No initials, it’s too generic. A few examples would include DC for Darrius Clemons, J-Stew for Josaiah Stewart, or Z for Zeke Berry. However, if you want to make a pun or play on a celebrity like 42 Guy for TJ Guy and borrow inspiration from Detroit rapper 42 Dugg, that is acceptable. But there must be something else included besides just letters from their name.
  2. No repeating already established nicknames. Examples include Blake the Great (Blake Corum), The Don (Donovan Edwards), Trill (Roman Wilson), Frozone (Mikey Sainristil) and The Mutant (Kris Jenkins).

That’s really it. Let’s get to work.

Amorion Walker - Sky Walker, Sauce

I know “Sauce” is already taken by the New York Jets’ corner, but it would be great for Walker if his play could match his potential. He wears No. 1… A-1… Sauce.

The stories of Amorion Walker’s athleticism are beginning to gain cult-like status around the facilities, but if these traits never translate to in-game production, flashy nicknames will have to wait.

Rod More - God Moore

Simple, elegant and accurate. Rod Moore is the best safety in the Big Ten and is an All-American candidate in 2023. At least that’s what his loyal disciples are saying.

Peyton O’Leary - The Banshee

A strong Irish name deserves a strong Irish nickname. We are choosing 50 percent accuracy with this one and ignoring that banshees in Irish lore are female.

Zak Zinter- ZZ Top

This would be unbeatable if Zak Zinter had a glorious beard and some Cheap Sunglasses.

Jack Tuttle - King Tut

Jack Tuttle will likely/hopefully never take a meaningful snap this season — sorry, Jack. And while he is no singular monarch on this team, his leadership presence as a former Indiana team captain is already being felt.

Trevor Keegan - The Joker

Sometimes nicknames choose themselves.

NCAA Football: Fiesta Bowl-Texas Christian at Michigan Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Joey Velazquez - The Senator

Velazquez is a three-time letter-winner for the Michigan football and baseball teams. There seems to be nothing he can’t do, and we need people this tethered to greatness to hold public office.

Alex Orji - Group Effort

You get the idea.

Kenneth Grant - Mount Grant

Inspired by former Alabama defensive tackle Terrance Cody who was 6-foot-4, 345 pounds. It is only right we bestow the same name upon Grant who is 6-foot-3, 356 pounds.

Sound off in the comments! I want to hear your best nicknames for any member of Team 144. There are no judgments in brainstorming.