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MnB staff roundtable wishes this was the most wonderful time of the year

Please don’t lose to fa la la la-orida

MnB staff roundtable AHHHHH AHHHHH

Hold me.

In which I force every MnB writer to say something nice about Michigan State

#LoveWeek...because the #disrespek narrative must be killed

Siri Trolls Ohio State With An Epic Response When Asked About Michael Jordan

Another epic troll job, this time Siri and Apple gets in their jab at Ohio State

Weekend Update: All The News Not Fit To Print, Again

Salacious details of U-M’s new weight rooms, and Big Ten coaches face off with Ron Artest.

Handing Out Some Football Nicknames For 2017

Peak off-season is here. Might as well have fun with it.

Weekend Update Is Back, And Even Worse Than Before!

You know it.

Weekend Update: All The News Not Fit To Print

A new satirical addition to your week.

A Complete Assortment Of Jim Harbaugh Quotes

The guy is a walking treasure.

Louisville recruiting (apparently) backs Jabrill Peppers for the Heisman

Great choice!

So, Our Rivals Lost

This deserves some good schadenfreude, don’t you think?

Tom Herman: Urban Meyer Would Whoop Jim Harbaugh

What does he know.

Jim Harbaugh is Passionate About Everything — Including Milk

Wolverines coach and family get their endorsement game on.

Since Michigan Doesn’t Issue a Depth Chart, Colorado Made a Fake One

The Buffs will start James Bond at defensive tackle, Bernie Sanders at free safety.

WATCH: Maize and Blue Cures a Crying Baby

This young man has his priorities straight.

Jim Harbaugh Pens Note to Newlyweds

"Attack every day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. Every Day — Together."

MnB's Official Response to Rutgers

EXCLUSIVE: The Official Maize n Brew Responses to Rutgers' Secret Societies

Harbaugh, 'Georgia Coach' to Host Satellite Camp

With the ban lifted, two big-time programs have teamed up for a camp in Atlanta.

Michigan Football Does the Running Man Challenge

Dancing to a 20-year-old song is the new thing.

Featured Fanshot

Ways Michigan Can Still Use Satellite Camps


Featured Fanshot

Jim Harbaugh is Michigan's Mascot, Apparently

The Michigan Wolverines do not have an official mascot, or do they? CBS Sports created this great mascot animation for the NCAA Tournament, and decided to use Jim Harbaugh in a pinch. Why not?

Featured Fanshot

All 129 Major College Football Teams as Pokemon

Gotta catch 'em all!

Featured Fanshot

Jim Harbaugh Convinced a Dan Patrick Show Staffer to Wear a Pie in his Face

There is nothing this man can't do.

Featured Fanshot

WATCH: Taco Charlton Takes a Bite Out of Offenses

CRUNCH. (H/T to Campus Insiders for the original video)

Featured Fanshot

Jim Harbaugh's Guide to Dating

Harbaugh knows how to win both on and off the field.

Featured Fanshot

Jim Harbaugh takes a jab at his former employer

Michigan was flagged for a rare intent to deceive penalty against Rutgers when tight end Jake Butt appeared headed for the sidelines before lining up and catching a long pass. Defending the play in his postgame press conference, Harbaugh said quarterbacks are trained to always hit open receivers, alluding to "an NFL game" where the defense "didn't cover a receiver, and the quarterback handed it off and got maligned by scribes." It was, of course, a reference to the 49ers and Colin Kaepernick, who failed to hit a wide-open Torrey Smith two weeks ago. Good one, Jim. (Hat tip to our 49ers blog, Niners Nation)

Featured Fanshot

Remember when I said moms put up with a lot?

Seriously. Listen to this champ deal with kids AND bears.

Featured Fanshot

Of course Jim Harbaugh plays Gordon Lightfoot at practice

It's a really good song, yes. It is also, er, maybe not what 18- to 22-year-old football players listen to on a daily basis?

Featured Fanshot

Spike Albrecht seems to be enjoying Las Vegas

What a caption. And is being the center of attention at a Vegas bachelor party actually a step up from just spitting game to Kate Upton?

Featured Fanshot

Joe and David take on the 2015 NHL Draft

College Football Week Two Preview Guide

Michigan Football faces an old rival, Stone Cold Steve Austin is chugging beers, Dunkin Donuts rolls out the Red Carpet, Tom Brady is still Terrific, Madden NFL 15 has a tiny linebacker, Fantasy Football drafts and Tennessee chest hair.

YFD PSA: BrewShots are here!

Don't get caught without them.


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