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Inside the Playbook

Film Focus: Michigan defense vs Indiana offense

Michigan’s defense was caught probably looking ahead to Ohio State last weekend against Indiana. Did the Hoosiers do anything that the Buckeyes can replicate?

Film Focus: Michigan offense vs Indiana defense

What happened in the red zone? Bad execution? Bad play calls?

Film Focus: Rutgers 2018

What were the Scarlet Knights doing early to keep the game close?

Film Focus: Michigan defense vs Penn State offense

Two sacks on the first drive set the tone for another smothering outing from Don Brown’s defense.

Film Focus: Michigan offense vs Penn State defense

After a little struggling in the middle two quarters, the run game eventually hammered Penn State into submission.

Film Focus: Michigan defense vs MSU offense

You’ve seen the numbers. The film confirms Michigan’s domination over the Spartan offense.

Film Focus: Michigan offense vs MSU defense

The good? Nearly 200 yards rushing against the S&P No. 1 rush defense. The bad? Shea Patterson nearly turned the ball over a few more times.

Film Focus: Michigan offense vs SMU defense

SMU devoted tons of resources to stuffing the run, stifling early Michigan drives. Enter Shea Patterson, who punished the Mustangs through the air.

Film Focus: Michigan defense vs Western Michigan

Unlike the offense versus the Bronco defense, the defense had a challenge. 42 points a week ago, two strong running backs, a future NFL lineman and some playmakers stood in the way. The defense still dominated.

Michigan's Issues Against Misdirection vs. Minn

Michigan struggled with a number of constraint plays Minnesota rolled out on Saturday. Here I break down a few more.

UM Defense's Trouble With Screens Against Minn

Michigan had a hard time against a screen pass Minnesota deployed a few times in the first half.

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Snapshots: Caught Flat Footed

Minnesota used play action well to catch Michigan off-guard and get receivers open on short routes. Let's take a look.

Film Focus: How Is Jake Ryan Adjusting To MLB?

We break down every one of Jake Ryan's defensive snaps to see how he is handling the transition to the middle of the defense.

MnB B1G Preview: Ohio State's Two-Back Offense

In this post, we take a look at Ohio State's two-back offense, and how it threatens defenses in multiple ways.

MnB B1G Preview: Stopping Speed Option w/ Cover 1

In this post, we look at how Nebraska attacked Michigan's Cover 1 defense last year, and what Michigan needs to do to fix their problems if they want to be able to defend the speed option from Cover 1 this year.

MnB B1G Preview Inside the Playbook: Minn Run Game

In this article, we look at how Minnesota's running attack combines the RBs, QBs, and WRs to attack the whole field.

MnB B1G Preview: Film Review - Illinois QB

Replacing Scheelhaase won't be so easy for Illinois this fall. In this article, we will look to find the strengths and weaknesses of each Illinois QB, and who should play for the Illini come Fall.

Inside the Playbook: Over-Under Michigan's 4-3 D

In this post we look at the change in responsibilities Michigan's defense will face from transitioning from a 4-3 Under to a 4-3 Over.

Film Review: Michigan's Offense vs KSU's Defense

In this post, we will look at how Michigan can use a set of their base plays to attack some of KSU's tendencies and weaknesses on defense.

Film Review: How OSU Stopped UM's 2-pt Conv Pt. 2

We look at how OSU defended the 2-pt conversion and if they really knew the play.

Inside the Playbook: Michigan's 2-pt Conversion

We look at the theory behind Michigan's 2-pt Conversion attempt

Inside the Playbook: OSU's Inverted Veer Package

In this article we look at several of the things OSU will throw at defenses from the same initial look.

Let's Speak Technique: Pass Protection

In this post we look at Pass Protection Technique for both offensive linemen and running backs.

Week 12 - Northwestern Coaching Points

Quick look at some thoughts of Michigan at Northwestern from a coaching perspective.

Inside the Playbook - Pass Protection Schemes

In this edition of Inside the Playbook, we are going to look at the very basics of Pass Protection schemes

Film Review: Cleaning Up Coverage

In this article we take a look at coverage techniques employed by Michigan against MSU and how they need to continue to improve on some basic things in order to take the next step.

What Went Wrong: Michigan State

An in depth look at some of the issues Michigan had on offense against Michigan State.

Inside the Playbook - Dictating MSU's Coverage

In this post we look at ways that Michigan can attempt to force MSU's hands to get favorable match ups for Michigan's pass game.

Inside the Playbook - MSU Defense Primer

We take a look at how MSU can adjust their cover 4 to take away different aspects of Michigan's game.

Inside the Playbook: The Power of the Spread O

In this post we take a look at how Michigan still utilizes a power blocking scheme within their spread offense.

A Coach's POV - PSU OT Play by Play

I try to give a perspective of what the coaches are seeing and the changes they're making to counter the opposing team.

A Coach's POV - PSU 4th Quarter Play by Play

I try to give a perspective of what the coaches are seeing and the changes they're making to counter the opposing team.