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Inside the Playbook

A Coach's POV - PSU 3rd Quarter Play by Play

I try to give a perspective of what the coaches are seeing and the changes they're making to counter the opposing team.

A Coach's POV - PSU 2nd Quarter Play by Play

I try to give a perspective of what the coaches are seeing and the changes they're making to counter the opposing team.

A Coach's POV - PSU 1st Quarter Play by Play

I try to give a perspective of what the coaches are seeing and the changes they're making to counter the opposing team.

Inside the Playbook - Unbalanced Double Lead O

We take a look at Michigan's unbalanced formation in which is utilizes the Double Lead O with 22 personnel on the field.

Inside the Playbook - Isolation (Iso) Run Primer

In this article we will get a primer on how the Isolation play is run and why this might be a bigger part of the offense after the change on the OL.

Film Review: Gardner's Struggles in the Pass Game

Michigan has had it's share of struggles on offense lately. None have been more clear than Gardner's struggles passing. We will look at Gardner's struggles and see if they are correctable.

Week Four: UConn Coaching Points

Quick look at some thoughts of Michigan vs UConn from a coaching perspective.

Film Review: Struggling in Coverage

In this session of film review, we look at why Michigan has struggled in pass coverage.

Week Three: Akron Coaching Points

Quick look at some thoughts of Michigan vs Akron from a coaching perspective.

Film Review: Struggles to Hold Up to Doubles

Today we are going to look at why Michigan had trouble against the Notre Dame’s inside run plays. Much of the time, Michigan was in nickel personnel with two 3 techs with an over front.

Film Review: Gardner's Second INT against CMU

Devin Gardner's second INT is a little more in question, and a little more went wrong in the process. In this film review, we'll look at some possibilities and why they happened, and what can happen in the future to fix them.

Film Review: DG's First INT against CMU

One of the offseason improvements DG needed to have was with his eyes and reads. His first INT last Saturday was a result of not putting his eyes in the correct spot at the correct time. We look at the result in today's Film Review

Week One: CMU - Coaching Points

Quick look at some thoughts of Michigan vs CMU from a coaching perspective.

Inside the Playbook Blocks Everything

Inside the playbook has the calls to block any defensive front to run Power O.

Inside the Playbook - Power O Blocking Primer

O-linemen are typically the smartest players on the field. In order to be successful they not only need good technique and strength, but they need to work together as a unit to make the correct calls. In this primer, we look at those calls.

Inside the Playbook Decides to Pass to the U-Back

Not only does the U-Back provide versatility and simplicity to the run game, while adding complexity for the defense, it does much the same in the pass game. Here, we look at how the UB can take up different positions to take advantage of any defense

Inside the Playbook Runs What It Wants (with a UB)

We go in depth the Michigan run game and look at how Borges will utilize the U-Back to manipulate the defense and run the plays he wants to run.

Michigan Uses TE's and FB's for Run Game Variety

How will Michigan use FBs, TEs, and U-Backs to maximize the strengths of their run game? This article looks at some of the different plays that will often be run with different personnel, and how it will work to confuse defenses.

MnB B1G Preview: Meshing the spread & Single Wing

Reinventing the wheel is rare in football. While Meyer has developed innovative concepts in his spread offense, the origins of many of his schemes can be traced back to the single wing offense. We compare UM's '47 single wing to today's OSU offense.

MnB B1G Preview: UNL Schemes for Poor DT Play

Pelini has been one of the best defensive minds in college football. Yet, last year, something changed. That something was the poor DT play. In this article we discuss Nebraska's defense and the adjustments to take away the run.

Inside PSUs Playbook talks Zone Run & Mesh Concept

Penn State was much more successful last year than many though they’d be. We'll go inside PSU's playbook a look at two of their staples: the zone run game and the mesh concept.

MnB B1G Preview 2013: A Tale of Two QBs

There are many odd and unique things about Northwestern. This year, maybe the most interesting is how their spread offense molds to their two very capable QBs. We go inside the playbook to see how Northwestern adapts to fit the strengths of their QBs

MnB B1G Preview: Cover 4 life, cover 4 for life

Michigan State's defense has been one of the best in the nation recently. We will discuss a typical cover 4, MSU's variation of it, and the adjustments they make to certain things offenses will attempt to do. Oh, and no more Datbull jokes, I promise.

MnB B1G Preview: Going (4-3) Over MSU's Front 7

The past few years MSU has turned into one of the best defensive run units in college football, yet the scheme they are running up front isn't ground breaking or even very complex. How are they so successful? We look at MSU's 4-3 Over defense.

Inside Michigan's Playbook Breaks off Chunks

Just because it's basic, doesn't mean it isn't dangerous. In the final part of the pass game basics, we are going to look at how Michigan will break off chunks of yards at a time while maintaining a simple, if not adoptable, attack.

Inside Michigan's Playbook Gets Back to Basics

Every offense has its basics, its fundamental plays that get the pass game humming, the QB confident, and the receivers in a groove. While these plays tend to be simpler, there are nuances that can dictate the success of such plays.

Inside Michigan's Playbook Makes You Pay

We've seen the basics that go with the roll outs and sprint outs that Borges and Co. will throw out there. But what happens when the defense adjusts? What is the counter for the counter punch? Today, we will look at how to expose defenses that become

Inside Michigan's Playbook Offense Goes Deep

Previously we discussed some of the basics of this package, this time we look at some of the adjustment Al Borges and company will make to give the defenses different looks.

Get an in-depth look inside UM's Passing Game

Get an in-depth look inside Michigan's Passing Game. Find out about concepts, techniques, and theories of one of Michigan's most common plays and series. This time, the sprint out pass with play side hitch.