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Michigan football opinion

Handing out position grades for Michigan’s dominant 45-7 victory over Nebraska

On a day where little didn’t shine, here are the positions grades.

Friday Discussion: Have you been impressed by Michigan’s transfer portal haul?

The transfer portal runs college football now. How did Michigan do this offseason?

Big Ten Power Rankings heading into Week 5

Week 4 was a big week for the Big Ten Conference.

What we learned from Michigan’s 31-7 victory over Rutgers

Team 144 reaffirmed its identity against the Scarlet Knights.

Handing out position grades for Michigan’s 31-7 victory over Rutgers

For the second consecutive year, the Wolverines overwhelmed the Rutgers in the second half to cruise to victory.

Friday Discussion: How differently would the non-conference have gone with Jim Harbaugh on the sidelines?

Playing revisionist history, what would have changed had Harbaugh’s suspension never occurred?

Betting the Big Ten: Week 4

Huge games are finally on the slate this week.

Out of the Blue: Bowling Green Recap, the weight of expectations, and looking around the Big 10

The glorified preseason is finally over!

What we learned from Michigan’s 31-6 victory over Bowling Green

Saturday’s win over Bowling Green was ugly, disjointed, but still a win nonetheless. But what does this mean for the rest of the season?

Handing out position grades for Michigan’s 31-6 victory over Bowling Green

It was sloppy, it was ugly, but it was a 25-point win.

Friday Discussion: Have your expectations changed since Michigan’s season started?

Michigan has cruised in the non-conference but other national powers haven’t had as much success.

Roundtable: Michigan vs. Bowling Green

The MnB staff are back with this week’s Roundtable.

What we learned from Michigan’s 35-7 victory over UNLV

Do less, win more.

J.J. McCarthy and an explosive passing offense could take Michigan far

McCarthy’s been nearly perfect through two weeks and Michigan’s passing offense looks dynamic.

Turning point of the game: UNLV

J.J. McCarthy was a star, but the defense really made some noise.

Position grades for Michigan’s 35-7 victory over UNLV

It was non-conference business as usual for the Wolverines.

Friday Discussion: What can be learned about Michigan in its non-conference games?

Week 1 has come and gone, but what do we hope to know by the end of the month?

How to make the most of your gameday experience at Michigan

Spending a weekend in Ann Arbor? Here are some things to keep you busy.

Betting the Big Ten: Week 2

Can Nebraska redeem itself on a national stage?

Out of the Blue: UNLV preview, looking around the Big Ten, college football at large

The boys take a look outside of Ann Arbor and preview the "Go Go" offense of UNLV.

Out of the Blue: A position-by-position breakdown of Michigan’s victory over East Carolina

It wasn’t perfect for the Wolverines, but it was dominant.

What we learned from Michigan’s Week 1 victory over East Carolina

While it was only the first game of the season, there were still things to take away from Saturday’s performance.

The J.J. McCarthy-Roman Wilson connection worked all afternoon, and could all season

Michigan caught it’s first win of the season, but Roman Wilson caught three touchdowns, leading the receiver to capturing the first turning point this season.

Position grades for Michigan’s 30-3 victory over ECU

All grades were passing, but two were at the top of the class!

J.J. McCarthy’s ‘Free Harbaugh’ shirt sends perfect message about suspension

McCarthy has Harbaugh’s back.

There is nothing like your first game in Ann Arbor

It’s impossible not to be romantic about football.

Discussion: Does Michigan have the ability to have sustained success in the evolving CFP era?

Michigan is seeking its third-straight CFP appearance, but possibly something more as well.

Roundtable: Michigan vs. East Carolina

The MnB staff is back this season to gather round the table and discuss the upcoming game!

Betting the Big Ten: Week 1

College football is back!

The case for and against Michigan winning a National Championship

Can Team 144 win Michigan’s first outright title since 1948?

The top five Michigan football players you need to know this season — and why

These are the five guys all college football fans should know on Michigan in 2023.

Predictions for the 2023-24 College Football Playoffs

Which four teams will rise above the rest this season?


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