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Monday Michigan Recruiting Roundup: Status of the 2015 commits

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The MRR updates you on the latest in Michigan football recruiting. In this edition, we take a look at where Michigan's 2015 commits stand as of today.

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So, here's the thing. With the way the season has played out for the Michigan Wolverines so far, recruits that aren't decommitting are staying quiet and not much is new on the trail for the 2015 class.

Many have asked how confident I am in the players that are currently committed to the 2015 class will stick around. While that's pretty tough to speculate on, in this edition of the roundup the commits will be grouped based on confidence that they stick with the program.

Let's begin.

As confident as it gets

  • Alex Malzone, quarterback: He's not going anywhere. The four-star signal caller busted his rear end for a scholarship offer from the Wolverines and his hard work finally paid off in the spring when he committed to the program. He's taken a leadership role on the recruiting trail and had done a nice job helping bring talent in before things spiraled out of control on the field for Michigan this season.
  • Grant Newsome, offensive lineman: Newsome is the best player the team has brought in on the trenches so far this class, at least according to recruiting rankings. He has still had interest coming from other schools, but has long maintained that he committed to what the University of Michigan had to offer, not just a coaching staff. I would be pretty shocked if he ended up somewhere else.
  • Jon Runyan Jr., offensive lineman: Runyan is a legacy commit, as his dad played for Lloyd Carr. He is another guy that does not look like he's going anywhere. I would say Runyan is a lock.
  • Andrew David, kicker: David is one of the best place kicking/punter prospects in the nation, so much so that Brady Hoke chose to offer him a scholarship as opposed to having him join as a walk-on. He could be in the mix for both kicking spots with the team next year and it really does not look like he could be pulled away either.

The "Maybe, who knows?" crowd

  • Mike Weber, running back: He still seems pretty firm in his commitment to the program, but that won't stop schools like Ohio State and Michigan State from coming after him. He is taking other visits, so I would not rule out the possibility of him moving on at some point.
  • Brian Cole, wide receiver: Here's another guy that is taking other visits. He went to Purdue over the weekend, though it does not look like they will be much of a factor, but Nebraska and Ohio State will. Cole said Michigan seems like the right place when he committed, but it remains to be seen what will happen with him going forward.
  • Tyree Kinnel, safety: With Kirkland now out of the picture for the Wolverines, Kinnel now is the guy who is the leading man on the defensive side of the ball for them in this class. I do like their chances of retaining him, but he has also taken other visits and has still heard from other schools, so it would be silly to completely rule out him possibly leaving as well.

Don't hold your breath

There's only one name here, and that's four-star tight end Chris Clark. He has been prone to flip-flopping and changing his mind throughout the process and is also taking other official visits. Clark said at one point not long ago that Hoke possibly losing his job would "change everything," so he seems like the most likely candidate to go next, at least right now.

So where do they go from here?

Michigan has lost a ton of talent to decommitments in this 2015 cycle and it's not really clear at this point what their next move is. It's been relatively quiet on the recruiting trail.

They will likely turn to in-state prospects like Malzone's teammate, wide receiver Grant Perry, or recently offered athlete John Kelly to fill some of the spots they need to fill. This looks like a class of 14-17 players depending on attrition. A new coach could very well come in and finish the class strong, but we will see what happens.

That's it for Monday. Check back in with us Wednesday for the latest in Michigan football recruiting.