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Wednesday Michigan Recruiting Roundup answers a few questions

In this edition, we take the FAQ route to answer some of the questions surrounding the state of Michigan football recruiting.

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Things have been slow in the recruiting world for Michigan as of late, which is to be expected considering the cloud of uncertainty that is surrounding the football program right now.

Many readers have similar questions regarding the state of the program and how it will affect the recruiting trail, so I've decided to round-up some of these and address what is known about certain situations.

So without further ado, let's get this started.

How different will the 2015 class look by signing day?

With the search for a new athletic director fully underway in the wake of David Brandon's resignation last week, it is becoming more and more likely that the new AD will relieve head coach Brady Hoke of his duties and bring in his own guy, which puts many commits in a tough spot in terms of their recruitments.

Some have decommitted already, like defensive end Darian Roseboro and cornerback Garrett Taylor, and others will be taking or have taken official visits to other programs. Players like tight end Chris Clark and linebacker Darrin Kirkland Jr. are examples of players that are keeping their eyes peeled.

Of Michigan's nine committed players, only about three or four seem as if nothing will change their status right now. Others still are firm, but will look around.

At the end of the day, things could look very different for this class come National Signing Day 2015. They still should be able to salvage a solid class, especially if they are able to bring in a high profile coach if they choose to fire Hoke.

Addressing why players decommit

Like I stated above, some players have chosen to reopen their recruiting processes given the way things have shaken out with the team this year, which is completely understandable. These are life-altering decisions these talented young men are making.

One of the more prevalent questions I get when a player decommits or talks about taking a visit has to do with being committed to the university and not the staff. That's a valid point, but every single recruit is different and their reasons for being attracted to a school vary.

In the case of a lot of players the Wolverines have brought in, their relationships with the staff have been key to having them commit to being a part of the program. Regardless of what happens on the field, these kids love Hoke, Greg Mattison and the rest of the staff. The possibility of the staff being fired after the year is weighing on a lot of players' minds, and it is showing.

Some players are committed to the university and what it stands for, like quarterback Alex Malzone and offensive lineman Grant Newsome, who have stated they are not going anywhere.

Why hasn't success on the recruiting trail paid off under Hoke?

This one is not too difficult to answer. When you bring in the talent that Michigan has on both sides of the ball and the team gets worse each season, it's a product of poor coaching and player development, plain and simple.

Hoke really is a good man. His players love him and they play their butts off for him, but they just are not taught well. He has said on several occasions that what we see on Saturday is a product of the preparation the staff and players put in each week and recently, it just has not been good enough.

Good coaches just win with what they have and get the most out of their players. Urban Meyer has done it at Ohio State and Mark Dantonio has been able to turn two and three-star recruits into NFL talent and win the Rose Bowl. Stars and rankings mean nothing in the grand scheme of things if you don't develop your players.

That's all I have for today. Feel free to send questions on in anytime.

Check back in with us Friday for the latest in Michigan football recruiting.