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Michigan Football Recruiting: 4-Star SDE Darian Roseboro Hits Ann Arbor, Visits the 'Michigan Head Coach'

It was probably an innocent mistake, but Darian Roseboro's inadvertent photo snub of Brady Hoke turned out to be pretty funny.

Darian Roseboro poses with Michigan coach Brady Hoke.
Darian Roseboro poses with Michigan coach Brady Hoke.
Twitter screen shot | @AdamBiggers81

Call me a jerk if you'd like.

You could even accuse me of having nothing better to do on a Friday afternoon--and you'd be right. I'm watching PTI, waiting for my hamburger (on a pretzel bun) to be done and surfing Twitter.

That being said, I found an interesting photo of Darian Roseboro, a 4-star SDE out of Lincolnton High (N.C.) who visited Michigan today.

In a nonchalant pose, he stood by the "Michigan head coach." Not "coach Brady Hoke," not "coach Hoke," not even the "J. Ira and Nicki Harris Family Football Coach."

Really, even "Hoke" would have sufficed.

Look, I realize that I'm a whatever for bringing this to your attention. At worst, it's trivial--a really far stretch for something to write about on a Friday. At best, it's unintentionally funny and worthy of discussion.

If you're so inclined, please feel free to voice your opinion in the comments section.

Along with the defensive coordinator guy, the Michigan head coach has targeted a few supremely talented defensive ends. Roseboro would be a great get for them.

At 6'4" and 265 pounds, Roseboro already has the size. According to 247Sports, he's the No. 8 SDE of 2015 and is being courted by N.C. State, Auburn, Michigan and, among others, Ohio State.

Enjoy your weekend.

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